Idris Elba + Gemma Arterton 100 Streets is Box Office Boom

Idris Elba + Gemma Arterton 100 Streets is Box Office Bomb


We guess every actor has a bad movie now and then. Word is, Idris Elba + Gemma Arterton new movie 100 Streets is officially a Box Office Bomb!!!

Flip and find out why Idris Elba + Gemma Arterton 100 Streets only pulled in $372 dollar in its opening weekend following a nationwide release in Britain…

Idris Elba + Gemma Arterton 100 Streets is Box Office Boom is SHOCKED to hear that 100 Streets is NOT doing good in the box office. Idris Elba is normally a box office draw, but his new film is under-performing.

What’s going on with 100 Streets?

Idris has enjoyed great success recently in films like Pacific Rim and Star Trek Beyond, but 100 Streets is a polar opposite. The the low-budget movie written by Leon Butler and directed by Jim O’ Hanlon was dubbed “a superficial piece of storytelling” by The Guardian.

Could that have been the reason why the film is becoming an EPIC FAIL?

A source told The Sun:

“To put it frankly, the figures are embarrassing. It’s not the first time Idris has failed to earn big numbers at the box office. He is a massive film star but poor results like this are going to be detrimental to his career.”

No worries for Idris. He has more films on the horizon, like Thor: Ragnarok, where he reprises his role as Heimdall in the third film in the Marvel movie franchise. The 44-year-old Mandela star can also be seen in the highly anticipated Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower.

We are sorry to hear that Idris Elba’s 100 Streets is a Box Office Bomb. The trailer looked interesting. We know the performances are probably on point, but if the story seems sloppy that can kill a movie.


Did anyone see 100 Streets? Were you planning to see Idris in his new movie? If you saw it let us know what you thought.


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