Iron Man Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming

Iron Man Officially Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming


We just got the Robert Downey Jr will be reprising his role as Iron Man as it been officially announced that he joins Spider-Man: Homecoming!!!

Get the details on Iron Man Officially Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming on the flip…

Iron Man Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming

There have been talks recently that Marvel Cinematic Universe characters might pop into Spider-Man’s solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and yes, Tony Stark aka Iron Man will be there!

The news of Iron Man joining Spidey reboot (for a third time) makes sense since the two heroes really have a nice relationship going in Civil War, or so I’ve heard.

With that said, this week Robert Downey Jr. made the speculations official since he signed on to appear in Homecoming. This doesn’t mean there is another IM movie as of yet, but fans will be able to see their favorite hero in another film after Captain America; Civil War and the final Avengers movie installments.

It’ll be interesting to see if he only shows up as plainclothes Tony Stark or if we get Iron Man as well. It will be interesting how Spider-Man: Homecoming includes Stark in the upcoming project since Downey said he was no longer going to be the red and gold hero

In any case, this is exciting. We’ll just have to wait and see if anyone else from Marvel decides to join in, but for now I’m stoked to know whatever relationship Stark and Peter Parker drum up in Civil War will get a chance to continue.

What do you think of Iron Man joining Homecoming?


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