James Franco Joining X-Men Franchise in Multiple Man Movie

James Franco Joining X-Men Franchise in Multiple Man Movie

It looks like James Franco is joining the superhero genre as a villain in his very own X-Men universe franchise with Multiple Man.

We just got word that James Franco Multiple Man film is currently being developed as a standalone feature by X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s Simon Kinberg. Read on…

James Franco Joining X-Men Franchise in Multiple Man Movie

CelebNMovies247.com has the following details via The Hollywood Reporter who broke the news first that James Franco may be landing his very own X-Men universe franchise.

Do you think James Franco would be perfect as Multiple Man?

The answer is yes! Here is why:

If you recall, Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man (Eric Dane) was first introduced in X-Men: The Last Stand. He was seen helping the Phoenix aka Jean Grey wipe out the cure. His character was rather mischievous and a bit evil. He was part of Magneto’s team, aka Erik Lehnsherr.

James Franco Joining X-Men Franchise in Multiple Man Movie

Here is a brief history on Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man according to Marvel.com:

Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man Marvel history reveals that his mutant ability was apparent at birth when a duplicate was created upon his being slapped by the doctor. Jamie’s father resigned from the Los Alamos Nuclear Research Center a couple weeks after his birth. He moved his family to an intentionally isolated farm in Kansas at the suggestion of Professor Charles Xavier. Madrox was given a special suit to wear that would neutralize his mutant power, but before this could be explained to him a freak tornado killed his parents when he was 15.

When he was 21, malfunctioning control elements in the suit caused a power surge that released his inhibited power and caused the suit to begin absorbing ambient electrical energy. Confused, frightened, and driven mad by isolation, Madrox felt himself drawn to New York City. Madrox/Multiple Man clashed with the Fantastic Four until Xavier arrived to defuse the situation. He was invited to join the X-Men. He declined. Madrox has a complicated past that inner locks him to the new mutants Sunspot and Warlock, Senator Stephen Shaffran, a.k.a. Ricochet and is part of the Nasty Boys, a team of super-powered mercenaries employed by geneticist Mister Sinister.

A Multiple Man movie seems to have a lot of great avenues so if this movie happens, and it’s a success we can hopefully see a lot of this play out.


Multiple Man made first appearance in Marvel Comics:

“Jamie Madrox, also known as Multiple Man, has the mutant power to create and control duplicates of himself. The character first appeared in 1975’s Giant-Size Fantastic Four No. 4 and was created by the late Len Wein, the comic book mind behind classic characters such as Wolverine.”

THR explains, if all goes according to plan, Multiple Man will become the fifth X-Men movie on the 20th Century Fox schedule, alongside next year’s Untitled Deadpool Sequel, New Mutants, and Kinberg’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Gore Verbinski’s Gambit (no release date’s in place on that one yet).