Jared Leto Talks Method Behind His Method Acting

Jared Leto Talks Method Behind His Method Acting


When it comes to brilliant actors like Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, there is a new man on the block named Jared Leto.

When it comes to portraying characters, Jared Leto sinks his body, mind and soul into his work. He was extraordinary as The Joker and now in Blade Runner 2049 he breathes life into his character Niander Wallace. Read on…

Jared Leto Talks Method Behind His Method Acting

CelebNMovies247.com asks, “what makes the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto so astonishing?

Jared Leto thinks if he was a “better actor” he wouldn’t need to do method acting.

So what makes Jared Leto such a believable actor on screen?

To sink into the role of Niander Wallace who lost his sight, Jared, 45, wore contact lenses to make him temporarily blind whilst filming Blade Runner 2049. he relies on putting himself in the shoes of the character this way his portrayal would come off honest and convincing.

And that, he did. Leto was luminous and creepy, but it worked. His performance was great.

Speaking to PEOPLE about his preparation, Jared revealed:

“If I was a better actor then maybe I wouldn’t have done it! I would’ve pretended — I would’ve acted.”

To really get a feel for the role Jared worked with a blind man named Chris. he said:

“I had a young man named Chris in Los Angeles who lost his sight at a very young age and he was my teacher. We actually modelled Niander’s eyes after Chris’s eyes, though Chris’s eyes are even more brilliant.”

Leto added:

“I always try to act as little as possible, so whatever I can do to make a stronger reality for myself I generally try to do it.”

Since word leaked about Leto sending unusual gifts to his fellow ‘Suicide Squad’ cast members to help him get into the role of the Joker. Jared vowed to “NEVER” discuss how he gets into character.

He concluded:

“I should just never talk about it because I’m not doing it to talk about it — I’m doing it for me. One basic response I have is, ‘I’ll work the way I want to work, you work the way you want to work. You don’t like it, you can kiss my ass.'”

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