Jason Momoa To Star In The Crow Reboot

Jason Momoa To Star In The Crow Reboot

James O’Barr comic book series The Crow may finally be getting its time on the big screen again. Today, Justice League star Jason Momoa confirmed he and director Corin Hardy are moving forward with production of The Crow.

Read on to get the details on Jason Momoa hinting that he’s taking on the role of The Crow in the upcoming Corin Hardy directed film….

Jason Momoa To Star In The Crow Reboot

CelebNMovies247.com has just received word via Jason Momoa who took to his social media today announcing that he will be The Crow.

This will be interesting to see Jason Momoa take on the remake/reboot of Eric Draven’s story, especially since Brandon Lee’s version remains a cult classic with fans.

They’ve continued the franchise with four films, but nothing compared to the original film starring Lee, who unfortunately died while making the film. A number of stars have been attached to the project, including Dracula Untold’s Luke Evans, X-Men’s James McAvoy, Ben-Hur’s Jack Huston, and Thor: Ragnarok’s Tom Hiddleston. Not to mention directors who’ve taken on the project but dropped out just as quickly.

Some say this movie just might be cursed, and that is why it hasn’t had success being made. In Hollywood that just means the right actor and right director haven’t come along, until now.


Jason Momoa took to social media to confirm the news that he will be taking on The Crow. He teased that production on The Crow is set to start soon by posting some artwork of The Crow.

Momoa posted the photo below with the caption:

“I’ve been waiting for sooooo long. [Corin Hardy] let’s do this brother.”

Jason Momoa To Star In The Crow Reboot

It’s been 23 years since the 1994 movie directed by Alex Proyas starring the late Brandon Lee hit the big scene. Now it appears that will be making it’s comeback set in 2019, which will be the films 25 year anniversary. Interesting, right?

Jason basically indicated that they’re going to get to work on The Crow very soon. What do you think of the Justive League star taking on the Brandon Lee role of The Crow?