Friday The 13th Trailers Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th Trailers: Best to Worst


Its our favorite day of the year and what better way to celebrate it but with Jason Voorhees, you Friday the 13th is his birthday, so now sex, drinking or frolicking in the woods!!!

We decided to celebrate Friday the 13th with Jason Voorhees and our Best to Worst trailer list on the flip…

Friday The 13th Trailers Jason Voorhees

Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees has been a staple for horror fans kind of like hot dogs are to baseball and moms apple pie, so wholesome, right?

Jason Voorhees is a legend, a phenominon in some parts, but when it comes to the Paramount Pictures horror film franchise, no other truly stands by the destruction that Jason Voorhees has unleashed on young teenagers who “just wanna party and get laid.”

We all were that teenager one time or another in our lives, we just didn’t get harpooned in the eye, speared through the back or had a machete slice and dice us. But with that said which Friday the 13th trailer was the best of them all. We all know some of the movies were booty, like Friday the 13th 5, 6, and 8, but hey it was about the body count after a while. That’s probably why the franchise started to suck. If Friday the 13th kept to the original with a lower, yet scarier approach and yet more gruesome killing by Jason, fans would have stay tuned in a further past Pt 7.

Now we are avid fans of Friday the 13th so, check our work and let us know, do you agree with us or disagree with The Friday the 13th Best to worst trailers. Which of these films has the best Jason Voorhees scares?

Here is our Best to Worst Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th scary movie trailers:

10. Friday the 13th Part 9 JASON GOES TO HELL – On of the worst movies because tehy tried to combine the TV show with the franchise and the concept sucked. THE WORST Trailer and Movie of them all.

9. Friday the 13th, Part VIII – Manhattan – The trailer was too camp and so was the movie. Bad from trailer to screen. It has a few moments but aweful!

8. Friday The 13th V– Hands down the worst trailer of them all. The concept of the trailer and movie was terrible. Part 5 and 9 share the same concept, but they both fail to impress. The only good thing with Part 5 is it continues the Jason style killings as seen in 1 – 4.

7. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood – Finally the franchise redeemed itself with a scary combining horror, scare, humor and a battle.

6. Friday The 13th II – It kept with the integrity of the original. The narration in this trailer kind of kills the impact.

5. Friday The 13th – 2009 Reboot – Michael Bay really worked this remake out, but we wished it could have spawned a sequel.

4. Jason X – The rebirth of Jason going back to killing dumb teens in space was AWESOME! The often overlooked is 2002’s Jason X, the movie where producers finally said, “Screw it. Let’s put Jason in space.” It’s definitely dumb, but over a decade later, it remains oh so fun

3. Friday the 13th Part – IV: The Final Chapter – One of the best sequel in the franchise.

2. Friday The 13th III – This one was great – It was completely scary. The sequel has so man classic scenes.

1. Friday The 13th – This one is hands down the best, it was a first of its kind.

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