Joe Carnahan DEADS Will Smith ‘Feud’ Ended Bad Boys 3

Joe Carnahan DEADS Will Smith 'Feud' Ended Bad Boys 3

Smoking Aces director Joe Carnahan is putting an end to the reports he exited Bad Boys 3 because he was feuding Will Smith.

Flip and get the latest on director Joe Carnahan and why he quit Bad Boys 3 project…

Joe Carnahan DEADS Will Smith 'Feud' Ended Bad Boys 3 has the latest on Joe Carnahan, who insists he is a huge fan of Will Smith and there is no ‘Bad Blood’ between them.

We want to believe this, but have you watched Feud Bette and Joan on FX, Frank Sinatra was no gem, after seeing how he was on set we don’t put it past Smith. But hey actor believe they deserve to be divas and so do directors, so its anyone’s story.

Why Joe Carnahan Quit Bad Boys 3:


Here is what Joe Carnahan told Page Six:

“I am and remain a huge fan of Will. There was zero bad blood. However, I started a new company with Frank Grillo, and the demands of that pulled me away from BB3 after the long development process. That’s it. No other drama.”

On the flip side, Before the director’s exit, Smith told U.S. late night host Jimmy Kimmel:

“It is very, very, very close.”

So, maybe it was scheduling.

This leaves Bad Boys 3 without a director since Carnahan has now revealed he dropped out of directing the sequel to focus on his new company with actor and producer Frank Grillo.

The third installment has been planned for nearly 10 years, and numerous writers, including Peter Craig and David Guggenheim, have been attached to the project. Bad Boys 4 has also already been announced.

We will let you know who signs on board to direct next…