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Did John Boyega Reveal The New Star Wars VIII Lead


So far it’s like getting blood from a turnip if anyone wanted to find out info on Star Wars Episode VIII, but, Did John Boyega Reveal The New Star Wars VIII Lead???

Ops he may have done it, dig deeper to find out about John Boyega’s possible slip up regarding Star Wars: Episode VIII on the flip…

Kelly Marie Tran

It been a tight lipped ship when it comes to the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, but it appears that this week that leak was none other than John Boyega himself, has learned!!!

We all know Benicio del Toro and Laura Dern have joined the cast. Rian Johnson has confirmed the Millennium Falcon will show up and that John Boyega plays Finn in Star Wars: Episode VIII. But earlier in the week, Lucasfilm hosted a gala for Secrets of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the UK.

The behind-the-scenes documentary will be included on The Force Awakens home video release, but screening began as far back as SXSW to drum up hype.

WhatCulture was on hand for the UK event. Host John Boyega tried to keep it vague when it came to Episode VIII, but his excitement may have gotten the better of him.


[Boyega] did mostly just say that the script and Rian Johnson are great, he did drop a pretty exciting nugget; when talking about new things to be excited, he said Kelly Marie Tran is Episode VIII’s “new lead”.

Wait, what? John, did you mean to say that?

Who is Kelly Marie Tran?

She’s an actress that’s been kicking around Hollywood since 2011, with small roles on shows like Comedy Bang! Bang! and Ladies Like Us.

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