Is The Joker A Psychopath or a Shrude Business Man

Is The Joker A Psychopath or a Shrewd Business Man


The highly anticipated Suicide Squad is just weeks away and now with Comic-Con 2016 DC Comic fans are thirsting for snippets and insight. Lately the burning question about Jared Leto’s Joker is…Is The Joker A Psychopath or a Shrewd Business Man???

Flip and get more on The Joker either being A Psychopath or a Shrewd Business Man…

Is The Joker A Psychopath or a Shrude Business Man has just got some new information on the upcoming Suicide Squad via Movie Pilot who spoke to producer Richard Suckle on the type of Joker we can expect.

Can you really be a psychopath and a shrewd businessman?

Well that is what Jared Leto is planning on demonstrating in the upcoming Suicide Squad. DC/Warner’s much expected neon-colored villain party, Suicide Squad will feature. Leto’s method antics on set took most of the spotlight in the news about his take on the famous character, which the late Heath Ledger made so memorable in the Dark Knight series. From gifts containing dead animals sent to his co-stars to straight-up weirdness on set, the ever-transforming actor really gave the rest of the crew the full Joker treatment.

Crazy right? Or is it?

Producer Richard Suckle weighed in shedding some light on the upcoming movie and what we can expect from Jared Leto’s green-haired maniac, The Joker. In this film you can expect to see the side fans have always wanted to see and that is that he’s clearly the king of Gotham’s underworld.

Richard Suckle Says:

“He’s a businessman. He’s crazy of course, and he kills people, but he’s super right. He’s running a business. If you could imagine the head of any successful corporation, he runs his business that way. He just happens to be a psychopath.”

Suckle explains:

“He’s very, very conscientious of his business and he’s also very conscientious of the way he dresses. Style is a really big part of this Joker. It would be important to him to know what next year’s Prada would be like because he may want to have it a year before everybody else.”

Here is a snippet:



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