Jonah Hill Weighs In on MIB 23 Crossover Film

Jonah Hill Weighs In on MIB 23 Crossover Film


When it comes to Jump Street 3 Jonah Hill Weighs In on Jump Street/MIB Crossover Film saying that he doubts that it will be completed!!!

Get more details on the MIB 23 movie from War Dogs star Jonah Hill on the flip…

Jonah Hill Weighs In on MIB 23 Crossover Film has just learned that Jonah Hill is very doubtful that MIB 23 will work and be a successful comedy.

The War Dogs star is here to throw a cold glass of reality juice in your face about the upcoming movie MIB 23, saying he’s not sure it’s going to happen.

Things have been awfully quiet on the MIB 23 front even with Alice Through The Looking Glass director James Bobin to aid in the development.

Hill tells the Toronto Sun:

“I had the idea…But I doubt that movie will get made.  Why, you might ask? Sounds like the idea, which would have had Hill’s Schmidt and Channing Tatum’s Jenko meeting two younger (i.e. cheaper than Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) agents, is too unwieldy to work.”

He adds with a doubtful tone:

“It’s too complicated.”

“They’re trying to make all the deals, but it’s kind of impossible with all the Men In Black stuff. The Jump Street films were so fun to make and the whole joke of them was they were making fun of remakes and sequels and reboots and then now it’s become a giant sequel, reboot. It’s almost become what we were making fun of and it’s hard to maintain that joke when it’s so high stakes.”

Although the studio thinks that the MIB 23 is a good idea, thinks that this will be the death of the franchise. Killing both Jump Street and Men In Black. The film is a satire obviously, but the concept sounds completely whack and we see Hills point.

Like Hill we too would rather see a 23 Jump Street film, taken from one of the suggestions at the end of 22 Jump Street. The franchise has a good thing going and the MIB 23 concept can ruin it all. Crossing the two franchise films is such a bad idea if it is done wrong on any level. The studio can consider an instant FLOP on their hands with MIB 23. If they want a MIB 4 they should reboot with going 20 years forward and Will Smith having to stop his own death or demise. That is a better film.

And 23 Jump Street should go under cover in West Hollywood to stop a gay drug ring since there are so many gay jokes. Put Hill as a hot bear and Channing Tatum as a dancer in a gay club since the dancers are the ones selling the drugs. There is a plethora of jokes there for Hill and Tatum and sounds like a better hit.

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