Justice League 2 Isn’t Happening; Warner Bros. NOT Interested

Justice League 2 Isn't Happening; Warner Bros. NOT Interested

Justice League 2 Isn’t Happening; Warner Bros. NOT Interested!

This is STUPID! We want a JL2 and a JL3 from Snyder! Get a clue Warner Bros., you guys are the ones who messed up with Joss Whedon.

First off, this is some BS! Fans have been thirsting for the Zach Snyder cut of Justice League ever since The terrible Joss Whedon version was released. With the highly anticipated Zach Snyder Justice League Cut premiering on HBO MAX in March, Snyder has revealed that Warner Bros. has no interest in Justice League 2. Read on because that can all change if Warner Bros. sees that Justice League is a box office success then Justice League 2 can happen…

CelebnMovies247.com reports three years ago, it seemed like filmmaker Zack Snyder’s original 5-movie plan within the DCEU that started with Man of Steel and was supposed to end with a Justice League trilogy was no more.

Now that Zach Snyder has finally completed the first part of the trilogy Warner Bros. is trying to block him for making the DCEU GREAT!

During a recent interview, Snyder Warner Bros. has shown no interest in allowing him to make the rest of the Justice League trilogy or even just a sequel with Justice League 2.

Zach revealed:

The reality is, as far as I know, there’s no interest and/or appetite to do more of these movies from Warner Bros. With me, anyway. But I didn’t think making this, finishing this film correctly would ever happen. But I did do my best to – as far as the creation of the Justice League, those different personalities being brought together – that idea, that’s what this movie is about… There is a suggestion of course in the film, as there would be within any of these movies, of a larger universe that’s still out there.

Warner Bros. BLOCKING Zach Snyder From Completing Justice League Trilogy:

The fate of the DCEU has always been intricately tied into the fate of the so-called “SnyderVerse”. If Snyder goes, then so does Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Jared Leto as Joker, and many other actors who were a part of the DC cinematic universe as imagined by Snyder.

With that said, Snyder has stated that he is simply glad to be allowed to make the Snyder Cut of the first Justice League movie, and is proud of the direction that other filmmakers have provided to the DCEU.

He goes on to say:

I don’t have any expectation that there would be more movies than this. If that happened, that would be amazing — but that bridge is far away. Frankly I’m cool. Listen, you have Wonder Woman, you have Aquaman, you have this new Flash movie. All of these are branches from a tree that I planted a long time ago. I couldn’t be prouder, I couldn’t be more excited about what’s happening with Wonder Woman 1984. It’s amazing, those talented people. Patty is a genius and Gal is the greatest Wonder Woman ever. Any time those guys add a chapter to the world, it’s great, but for me, I have a very singular vision of how my track is supposed to go.

Source: MovieWeb