Justice League Villains Reveal Ares, Ocean Master + Darkseid

Justice League Villains Reveal Ares, Ocean Master + Darkseid

Sources are claiming that the villains for the upcoming Justice League movies are Ares, Ocean Master and Darkseid who will be playing a major role in the film!?!

Flip and get the details on the upcoming Justice League Villains inside…

Justice League Villains Reveal Ares, Ocean Master + Darkseid

CelebNMovies247.com has heard a rumor that the Justice League villains are Ares and Ocean Master.

According to sources via Reddit, Darkseid will be featured in Justice League Pt 1, but he won’t be the main villain though and will instead take that role in Justice League 2.  We’re also hearing that Green Lantern won’t appear until the end of the movie, which means he probably won’t have a very large role – which is likely why we haven’t heard about the casting for the character yet.

Ares will be weakened after Wonder Woman but the recent conflicts with the Kryptonians and previous wars have re-powered him. He will spark a war between Atlanteans and the Amazons so he can reach the height of his powers. Ocean Master betrays Aquaman and takes the thrown and leads the attack on the Amazons.

-Darkseid will still have a heavy presence in Justice League and will be the villain for Justice League 2.
-Bruce Wayne and Amanda Waller have different views about metahumans.
-Bruce believes they can do good while Waller believes they are a threat and should be contained.
-Batman will be the strategist of the team.
-Flash will be the sweeper.
-Cyborg will have a combination of long and short-range attacks.
-Aquaman’s fighting style is straight up brutal.
– Green Lantern will appear at the end of Justice League.
– The Joker and Black Mask will be the main two antagonist in the solo Batman film. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon will appear.

According to the source, the following films are in development: Suicide Squad 2, Man of Steel 2, Birds of Prey, Crime Syndicate and New Gods.

Unfortunately, it’s been also said that The Cyborg film has been cancelled.

We are NOT sure how true any of this is, so this is classified a rumor until DC Comics or Warner Bros. confirms any of it.

Justice League hits theatres on November 17th, 2017.


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