Leslie Jones Gets Attacked by Twitter Trolls

Leslie Jones Gets Attacked by Twitter Trolls

Twitter is getting more and more unattractive since there are so many ugly people thinking it’s cool to hide behind a screen name and attack people, celebs for nothing. Now Leslie Jones gets attacked by racist twitter troll!!!

Flip and see what Leslie Jones has had to deal with since Ghostbusters hit the big screen…

Leslie Jones Gets Attacked by Twitter Trolls

CelebNMovies247.com is disgusted by the twitter trolls who think they have the right to attack Leslie Jones!!!

First off, Leslie Jones is one funny woman. She made Ghostbusters! The assemble cast was great, but Leslie and Melissa McCarthy were the standouts in this movie. Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters may not have been #1 but it pulled in a respectable $46 million dollars during its first weekend at the box office.

The movie was awesome and way better than we expected. But the bullshit that is going on with Leslie Jones being attacked on Twitter is F’d up! What the hell people are you all that miserable with your poor existence that you have to attack Leslie Jones?

She is doing it for herself, and carving a name in Hollywood along with Kristen Wigg, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon. What can you say for yourselves? Nothing…because you’re all bitter losers without lives!

Not only were the Twitter trolls openly racist towards Jones, hiding behind their anonymity, but some actively encouraged others to join them and even created fake accounts to try and besmirch the comedienne’s name.

Here are some of the things that posted, but Leslie Jones is asking for help to find these losers who think they’re cool for bashing her by calling her names. Trolls live under rocks, but in this day and age they live on twitter so they can hide in their dark lite homes hiding from the world.

Leslie posted her last Tweet saying:

Leslie Jones Gets Attacked by Twitter Trolls

Checkout what people were saying to Leslie Jones that FORCED her off the social site:

@Lesdoggg Remember 1 thing #YourAwesome #WeloveYou #Ghostbusters Rocked Trolls have NOTHIN except their bitter lonely lives #CelebNMusic247