Looking The Movie Is Everything And More

Looking The Movie Is Everything And More


Thank you, thank you and thank you HBO for giving fans Looking The Movie. It was everything that Looking the series needed to be in season 2. But Looking NEEDS to come back for another season!!!

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Looking The Movie Is Everything And More

CelebNMovie247.com critic Emilio Ricci has nothing but praise for Looking The Movie. The 84-minute swan song to the short-lived HBO series “Looking” breathes new life into the series that ended too soon!

It may not be gay life in West Hollywood or The Chelsea district of New York, because Looking is about life in the San Francisco Castro district and The Fillmore area.

Looking The Movie is the best moments of creator Michael Lannan and showrunner Andrew Haigh’s final chapter of the story of a few gay men in San Francisco. The movie wraps up the characters and closes the chapter on the short-lived series, but the movie leaves us wanting more Looking!

Looking The Movie Is Everything And More

Much of the joy of “Looking” is about enjoying its moments as they unfold, and “Looking: The Movie” is no different, despite having so much ground to cover. Yes “Looking” can come off long-winded as the characters talk about their problems in many historical parts of the city. And although the conversation may not be filled with caddiness, backstabbing and betrayal, it is filled with REAL conversation amongst friends. The scenes indicate the richness of life and the spaces between words we say to each other. What is so great about Looking is that you are completely immersed into the surroundings, the characters are 100% believable and the situations are all relatable.

Looking The Movie is an emotional rollercoaster of moving on, making choices, saying goodbye and realizing that all breakups don’t end in friendship. Looking The Movie is 100% spot on when it comes to gay life in San Francisco. If you are gay and live in the bay, Looking The Movie makes sense. Looking The Movie was lucky enough to have a graceful close to the short-lived series that deserved at least 5 seasons. We are forced and unwillingly have to say goodbye to the characters in Looking, but we can happily say that the movie gave us all closure.

Looking The Movie Is Everything And More

The main thrust of the film is that Patrick (Jonathan Groff) is back in San Francisco for a wedding, after nine months in Denver. Patty is forced to face his mistakes and make some difficult and much-needed choices. This time we get to hang with the friends as the celebrate their friends the night out before getting married. Patrick and Richie (Raúl Castillo) path continues to cross and all the signs are there, but will Patrick and Richie get back together?

What will have happened to Patty’s best friend, Augustin (Frankie J. Alvarez)? Is he still with Eddie (Daniel Franzese)? What about Dom (Murray Bartlett) and his business, Doris (Lauren Weedman) and her boyfriend Malik (Bashir Salahuddin)? Are they the ones tying the knot, or is it a gay wedding? Will it be over the top like Noah’s Arc, Sex and The City and every cliché gay wedding? If it’s Looking, then we know they will keep it REAL! And lastly, what happened to Kevin (Russell Tovey)? Will Patrick and Kevin get back together?

Looking The Movie Is Everything And More

There are so many questions to be answered. We loved the movie. Once again, the movie version of the series, takes a brilliant approach politicking—a kind of weaponized empathy, through narrative, that makes the mere idea of homophobia seem oddly silly and beside the point. What makes “Looking: The Movie,” a masterpiece of film making is that there’s a lovely delicacy to the intimacy of its conversations. Plus the shots of San Francisco, and the enthusiasm it has for its lovers finding each other again is eloquent. It is heart-warming, romantic, and beautifully written.

The movie has you yearning for love to find each other. We suggest bringing a tissue box, because the movie will have you in tears of joy and sadness. It’s raw, edgy, and to the point. It’s Castro/Fillmore life in San Francisco. The movie has left us wanting more, so maybe Looking can get a few more seasons at Netflix or HBO could put it back on its roster. Looking The Movie is a MUST SEE the event for all, straight or gay, Looking is relatable to us all!

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