Luc Besson Guilty of Plagiarizing

Lockout Director Luc Besson Guilty of Plagiarizing


Yes, the verdict is in and Luc Besson was found Guilty of Plagiarizing and his Lockout Movie was just like Escape From New York!!!

Read more on the flip to find out what the Fifth Element Filmmaker Luc Besson has to do…

Luc Besson Guilty of Plagiarizing

John Carpenter who wrote and directed Escape from New York just happened to be one of the viewers of Besson’s Lockout. After Carpenter sued Besson, the ruling was in favor of director John Carpenter. has learned about the Luc Besson Lockout movie lawsuit:

Besson has been ordered to pay $500,000 to Carpenter as a result of being found guilty of plagiarism. Lockout stars Guy Pearce and revolves around a man framed for a crime he didn’t commit, who is offered his freedom in exchange for rescuing the President’s daughter from a space jail overrun by criminals. The basic premise is indeed mighty similar to Escape from New York, and the judges pointed out that the heroes of both films “got into the prison by flying in a glider/space shuttle, had to confront inmates led by a chief with a strange right arm, found hugely important briefcases and meet a former sidekick who then dies.”

The French film director who o-wrote and executive produced Lockout had his side of the story:

Besson, for his part, denied the allegations, and it must be noted that he co-wrote the film alongside directors Stephen S. Leger and James Mather, although Besson is also given a “story by” credit on the picture. But again, the judges found that the similarities between the two movies were impossible to ignore, and thus ruled in Carpenter’s favor.
There are many movies and even music videos that appear similar. It has to be somewhat difficult to be sure that there are not any blatant similarities to other projects. If the premise as in this case is so similar, then it is obvious why the ruling was made.

We remember watching this movie back in 2012 and leaving saying it felt like it was taken from Escape From New York. The plot line was the same the characters were the same, the only difference was the names and this prison was in space.

We understand why John Carpenter sued Luc Besson and won. Although Lockout was a fun action film of 2012…its EFNY all over again and updated.


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