Margot Robbie + Jared Leto Suicide Squad Scenes Thrilling

Margot Robbie + Jared Leto Suicide Squad Scenes Thrilling


Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie really enjoyed working with her co-star, Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman, Jared Leto!!!

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Margot Robbie + Jared Leto Suicide Squad Scenes Thrilling

The Harley Quinn actress was so impressed by Leto’s acting in Suicide Squad because she learned a lot. It was one of the pinnacle moments of her career.

Here is what we have just learned from Margot:

Margot Robbie said:

”I was … surprised. I was surprised! There’s an understatement! I loved that stuff. Jared was doing half my work for me.”

She went on to say:

“Harley Quinn, her character is very much a part of a relationship. To have such commitment from the other half made my job a thousand times easier, and a thousand times more fun. I didn’t know what was going to happen when we got on set. It’s exciting to act opposite that.”

Robbie, who recently starred it the Legend of Tarzan said she studied Leto as in-depth as a psychologist. The Focus actress said she this is so she could know who Jared Leto was himself as he was always in character.

The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot actress shared:

“He’s in character all the time. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out their relationship. Because he’s got this facade up, it was really hard for me to get through to him at first. So I was like, okay, I gotta approach this as if I’m trying to crack the Joker.”

The intelligent actress had to go in “deep” and added:

“It’s a test that psychologists use to determine what mental illness people might have. It’s a list of 500 questions or something. Whenever we had time to rehearse or improvise, or even in scenes, I’d just start with those questions … I’d see which ones would catch him off guard and how, how he’d react, and I’d be like, Okay, I’m gonna go for this tactic now.”

In addition to what Margot Robbie had to say about her scenes with Joker might shock some of you when you see Suicide Sqaud since Harley Quinn’s storyline is from the 52 origins of Harley Quinn.

DC is going there to that dark place how The Joker got Harley to be madly in love with her. And no it wasn’t his charismatic smile or laugh. It is something way way darker. Something that might ruffle some female feather, but we will see when it hits the big screen.

According to HitFix:

It’s easy to have a psychotic clown torture a woman and throw her in a batch of acid to make her ‘crazy in love.’ It’s far more complicated — but realistic and relatable — to write a charismatic villain who weaves a subtle web of entrapment for his brilliant yet fragile psychiatrist. Domestic abuse rarely starts out cranked up to 11. It’s a slow burn. One where the victim feels loved and cherished, only to have the abuser turn on them on a dime. The Domestic Abuse Project has an excellent overview of the cyclical phases of abuse.

Seeing this Suicide Squad clip on the heels of how Warner Bros. treated Batgirl in the animated version of The Killing Joke indicates to me something is fundamentally broken in their process

Check it:

What are your thoughts? Are you excited for Suicide Squad?


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