Marvel’s Jessica Jones star Rachael Taylor in Training to be Hellcat

Rachael Taylor Hellcat

Could this actually be happening? Marvel’s Jessica Jones star Rachael Taylor in Training to be Hellcat in the upcoming Defenders mini-series!!!

Get more details on Rachael Taylor becoming Hellcat in Defenders mini-series…

Rachael Taylor Hellcat has just learned that Rachael Taylor may have landed herself the role of Hellcat thanks to a short video on Instagram claiming that “vacation is over.”

Fans are speculating that this means the actress is teasing involvement in the new Netflix show, The Defenders releases sometime in 2017. This also explains why the new season of Jessica Jones will not air until 2018

Here is what we’ve learned via MCU Exchange:

These suspicions are somewhat validated by Taylor’s choice to tag both @marveljessicajones and @netflix, seemingly hinting that we could see her a lot sooner than we thought. And it’s doubtful we’d see Taylor in Luke Cage, which is already set for release next month, or Iron Fist, which already started production in April. So the obvious bet is that Taylor is being considered for Defenders, which begins production later this year.

If this is the case, Taylor would be joining fellow Jessica Jones supporting actor Eka Darville, who plays Malcolm Ducasse. As well as Daredevil supporting actor Elden Henson, who plays Foggy Nelson.

The timing certainly adds up, but we’ve yet to hear any confirmation on this from Marvel or Netflix, so with Defenders getting closer to the end of its preproduction, we’ll be sure to know either way in the coming months. Walker becoming Hellcat is also yet to be teased or indicated, despite her being a different version of the “Patricia” Walker character.

Here is the video Rachel posted that has fans going wild for Hellcat and the captions which hints to her new role.

She writes:

“Vacation is over! Working the bag is my least fave thing with training (which is why I gotta do it! ???) w @julian_chua @marvelsjessicajones @netflix”

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