Matrix 4 Filming in San Francisco; But Neo Is Real Different

Matrix 4 Filming in San Francisco; But Neo Is Real Different

Matrix 4 Filming in San Francisco, But Neo Is Real Different this time.

If you live in the bay area then you already know that Keanu Reeves sightings have been popping up in Alameda and San Francisco. Yesterday the film crew was shooting at a Chinese food restaurant. Read on for more on Keanu Reeves Matrix 4… has been getting some new intel on the Matrix 4 since video footage has been popping up on social media.

According to sightings, production is now evidently underway, with Keanu Reeves having been spotted by fans walking around San Francisco filming The Matrix 4.

The clean-shaven, slicked-back hair look and long, black leather jacket that Neo sported in the first three Matrix movies is gone.

From what has been seen at this time Keanu is spotted with long-hair and beard.

Reeves is continuing the same look he has had for the John Wick movies.

We previously reported that both films will be opening in theaters on the same day and it also appears that Keanu will be filming both movies close together.

Could this be a secret shared universe?

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