Mcfly's Tom Fletcher Novel Becoming A Movie

Mcfly’s Tom Fletcher Novel Becoming A Movie


If you remember Lindsey Lohan’s movie “Just My Luck” then you remember Mcfly. Well Mcfly’s Tom Fletcher Novel The Christmasaurus is becoming A Movie!!!

Flip and learn more about Mcfly’s Tom Fletcher Novel Becoming A Movie… has just got word that Mcfly’s Tom Fletcher kids book The 5 Colours in Her Hair rocker releases The Christmasaurus is already becoming a movie and its NOT even out yet!

The Christmasaurus has yet to hit bookstores and Kindles and already the novel is being turning into an animated musical movie, with up-and-coming director Michael Gracey planning a film version.

Tom even says Michael’s early enthusiasm helped him complete the book.  Tom told the Daily Star newspaper:

“I’d only finished the first draft when I sent it to the director (Michael) and he literally came back in the first email with illustrations and I thought it was amazing.”

“He was so inspired and fired up that we had this plan to make the film as I was still shaping the story of the book.”

Get this, the director even roped in two Hollywood stars to send Tom a good luck message.

It gets better because its Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman, who are both working with Michael on new movie The Greatest Showman.

Jackman posted a photo of himself with Efron just a few days ago having a man-boy day out.

Tom has hope they’ll sign-up for The Christmasaurus movie, he says:

“I love having Wolverine’s (Hugh’s X-men character) stamp of approval. I’d love to have Zac and Hugh in the film. Why not? It’s difficult but we already have the world’s biggest star in it – Santa.”

Tom is also writing a soundtrack album for the film, which he started work on after finishing the book.

He adds:

“I’ve written songs for a book but books don’t play music. You have to be in the moment for the songs to work.”

The film adaptation is yet to receive an official release date.Mcfly's Tom Fletcher Novel Becoming A Movie

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