Why is Mechanic: Resurrection star Jason Statham Silver

Why is Jason Statham Silver

We’ve shown you 7 sexy reason why Jason Statham is so hot! Now we are going to tell you why the Mechanic: Resurrection star Jason Statham was once painted Silver!!!

Do you think you know why? We all have to start somewhere before we make a name for ourselves, right Jason Statham. Flip and find out the tea…

Why is Jason Statham Silver

CelebNMovies247.com has this tid bit on the Mechanic: Resurrection star Jason Statham before he became the sexy heartthrob and action star.

Did you know that before Jason Statham started kicking @ss on the big screen he was featured in an Erasure video?

Yes the 80s duo had the hunk in their video before anyone even knew who Jason Statham was. Back then Jason was just a silver shirtless God floating by lead singer Andy Bell keyboardist Vince Clarke, who was the man who pioneered Depeche Mode, in the background…

Here is what we’ve learned:

The Stath appeared in a few music videos in the 1990s, after his professional diving career didn’t quite take off, as well as modelling for French Connection, one of the ways he was spotted as a potential film star.  The video features Statham and another dancer in front of the TV Tower in Berlin, as Erasure singer Andy Bell mimes to what is, frankly, not the greatest Erasure track. – Buzzfeed

Take a look at Stath flexin in silver:

Here is the FULL video of Run From The Sun by Erasure featuring The Stath:

Jason also appeared in the video for The Shamen’s “Comin’ On Strong” back in the 90s….

Why is Jason Statham Silver

Hey Jason. We bet he wants to forget about this video. Lol!

That was then….This is Jason Statham now…He’s sexier, hotter, and ready to fight:

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