Megan Fox Eyed for Poison Ivy in ‘Suicide Squad’ Spinoff

Megan Fox Eyed for Poison Ivy in ‘Suicide Squad’ Spinoff


In case you didn’t hear, word broke this week that Suicide Squad‘s David Ayer would be directing Gotham City Sirens, a female DC super villain team-up. The trio includes Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Megan Fox Poison Ivy!!!

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Megan Fox Eyed for Poison Ivy in ‘Suicide Squad’ Spinoff has news that Suicide Squad‘s David Ayer would be directing Gotham City Sirens and Margot Robbie in the executive producer seat.

The DC supervillain team-up will include Harley Quinn’s BFF Poison Ivy, which is said to possibly be Megan Fox since Warner Bros are eying her for the role.

Robbie is the one who got the ball rolling on Gotham City Sirens, after her research into Harley Quinn for Suicide Squad led to her becoming interested in DC’s other female characters. She enlisted a writer to help develop the project and then approached Warner Bros. about making it a reality. The studio, naturally, was more than happy to get on board with a film featuring one of DC’s most popular characters and starring one of Hollywood’s most buzzed-about actresses. – SlashFilms

Details on Gotham City Sirens:

Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool is speculating that Megan Fox is looking to play Poison Ivy.

They claim she’s recently had some very interesting comic book titles shipped to her Warner Studios address, including Harley Quinn #14 and Harley Quinn #17, both of which feature Poison Ivy. And for what it’s worth, Fox has said before that Poison Ivy is a character she’d like to play. But this is still very much a RUMOR!

Maybe she’s gunning for the role, but not in serious consideration yet. Even if she is in the mix, it could be a while before Warner Bros. and Ayer make any decisions.

While details on Gotham City Sirens are still sparse, Ayer has hinted that Catwoman could stand alongside Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn as one of the main characters. All three are prominently featured in the Gotham City Sirens comic books on which the film is based. The script comes from Geneva Robertson-Dworet, whose other works include the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, Sherlock Holmes 3, and Dungeons & Dragons.

David Ayer posted this on his Twitter on Monday:

Megan Fox Eyed for Poison Ivy in ‘Suicide Squad’ Spinoff


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