Michelle Monaghan The Craft’ Remake Brought In Witches

Michelle Monaghan The Craft' Remake Brought In Witches

Michelle Monaghan The Craft’ Remake Brought In Witches!

According to ‘True Detective’ star Michelle Monaghan, she and the cast of ‘The Craft’ remake were joined on set by real-life witches, to help them get into the spooky spirit. Read on for more about Michelle Monaghan on The Craft and real Witches…

Michelle Monaghan The Craft' Remake Brought In Witches

CelebNMovies247.com reports that Monaghan did admit she was unsure if she believed in spirits and magic.

In a recent interview with Collider, Michelle Monaghan, 43, said: “We had witches coming in and sageing the place, and doing séances and Ouija boards.”

Michelle Monaghan admitted that she loved working on set of The Craft.

She adds:

I’m a bit of that gal who likes all that. I don’t know if I believe in it all but there was some witchiness going on and it was so fabulous. When else are you going to get away with doing that? I love that kind of stuff.

Zoe Lister-Jones will be directing, writing, and executive producing the upcoming remake with Jason Blum on board to produce the flick for Blumhouse, with Oscar-winning producer Douglas Wick.

Michelle praised Zoe for her ”reimagining” of the story and for sticking to its roots of a female-led production.

She said:

It’s a terrific group of young actresses. Zoe Lister-Jones, her DP who she always works with. It was just a really female production. It was fantastic, it’s ‘The Craft’.

Zoe’s really smart and it was just a great time to be on that set. Spooky but also timely and relevant in the terms of what it’s about and how she reimagined it.

She gushed over working with the production company as it’s been a dream of hers.

Monaghan concluded by saying:

It’s Blumhouse and I’ve been wanting to work with Jason for a while now, so it was great to finally collaborate.

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