NBC Orders Female Version of What About Bob? Pilot

NBC Orders Female Version of What About Bob? Pilot


Do you remember the hit comedy What About Bob? starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss? Well guess what, a female version of What About Bob? just landed a Pilot order from NBC!!!

Read more and get the facts on female version of What About Bob? getting a possible TV series on NBC…

NBC Orders Female Version of What About Bob? Pilot

It seems that Hollywood is once again looking to hit comedies to flip into sitcoms on major networks, like What About Bob?.

We can tell you’re over excited about the news and are probably doing backflips as you read this amazing news, but we have a more to tell.

Instead of it being called What About Bob?, the network thought, “hey let’s make this about a female instead!” The sitcom will be a gender-swapped called What About Barb?!

How great is that? (Sarcasm) We know you’re probably screaming with joy, like ourselves. Thanks to successful films like Ghostbusters, and hopefully the all female Ocean’s 8 movie coming this summer. We are now getting more sitcoms for women, like this semi-original (NOT) ideal to change What About Bob? to What About Barb?.

It’s all going to be based on the writing and the actress who plays Barb. She has to be a comedic genius like Bill Murray or its only getting a pilot.

The sitcom will revolve around “a psychotherapist who tries to cut ties with her most overbearing patient but is unsuccessful and gains an annoying family member in the process.” Like the original 1991 Frank Oz film that has inspired this gem.

The pilot will be a single-camera comedy, is set to be written by Joe Port and Joe Wiseman (The Odd Couple, The Crazy Ones), and is the third comedy pilot ordered by NBC this season (following a family comedy from the makers of Fresh Off The Boat and a workplace comedy from Seth Meyers).

We will see if it pans out.


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