Netflix Lost In Space First Look Trailer Is Finally Here!

Netflix Lost In Space First Look Trailer Is Finally Here!

OMG! We are so excited that Netflix original series and reboot of the classic TV series Lost in Space is finally here.

Look at the new Netflix Lost in Space 2018 first look trailer…

Netflix Lost In Space First Look Trailer Is Finally Here! has your first look at the new Netflix original series Lost in Space.

This time around Lost in Space 2018 has a few changes from the original that kicked off back in 1963. However, the Robinson family finds themselves stranded once again in space.

The first notable change is Dr. Smith (Parker Posey), as well as, an entirely reimagined Robot (which now is of a mysterious extraterrestrial origin).

showrunner Zack Estrin (Prison Break) had this to say about the new revamped series on Netflix:

“I don’t think there’s ever been another show like this on TV that has this size and scope, but also this emotion.”

He adds:

“I’ve shown this to my father, who’s 70, and my daughters, who are 11 and 14, and they all fell in love with it for different reasons.”

Netflix Lost In Space First Look Trailer Is Finally Here!Synopsis:

“The 2018 version of Lost in Space finds The Robinsons — led by stars Toby Stephens (Black Sails) and Molly Parker (Deadwood) — is one of hundreds of families chosen for a colonization mission that goes horribly wrong when their ship is struck by an unknown calamity. The Robinsons escape to an unknown Earth-type planet and struggle to survive, and soon discover they are not alone. The show is based on the original 1963 series that ran for three seasons yet has been updated in several intriguing ways.”

What you need to know is Lost in Space 2018 is keeping the core elements of the original 60s TV series. No, it’s NOT campy, and NO it’s NOT contrived like the late 90s remake the was filled with extraordinary effects but suffered in the box office. The series tend to have some baggage because it was a campy version of Star Trek. Lost in Space was a great show when it came on the air. We enjoyed the remake in the 90s, but it was cliché, corny in some scenes and lackluster in others.


In the trailer of Lost in Space you will notice the radical redesign of The Robot from the original series. What else is different is that this Robot is potentially lethal, with its own backstory and rendered with a combination of CGI and practical effects. The other change up is the non-Robinson character, Dr. Smith, played by Parker Posey. It’s a major shift is the gender-twist casting. Parker Posey, one of Hollywood’s underrated stars, brings a perfect dimensionality to the role.

Take a look at the new Netflix original series.

Photos Courtesy of Netflix