Omari Hardwick Stars In Horror Thriller Spell

Omari Hardwick Stars In Horror Thriller Spell

Omari Hardwick Stars In Horror Thriller Spell!

Former Power star Omari Hardwick finds himself trapped and being controlled by voodoo in the movie Spell. Read on… reports that Spell is directed by Mark Tonderai and written by Kurt Wimmer. The thriller also stars Loretta Devine, Lorraine Burroughs, John Beasley, Andre Jacobs, Tumisho Masha and more.

Spell” is set for Amazon Prime streaming services. You can expect to start watching Omari Hardwick in the upcoming film, Spell.

Omari Hardwick Stars In Horror Thriller Spell


A man (Omari Hardwick) crashes his plane while en route to rural Appalachia with his family for a funeral and awakens to find himself totally alone and without his bearings. Relieved to be discovered by a seemingly kind elderly couple, he has no way of knowing the dark machinations that lie in wait as he is pulled deeper and deeper into a sinister world.

Omari Hardwick is staying busy since he ended his run as Ghost on the Starz hit series Power.

He has a few films lined up to hit movie theaters once the pandemic is lifted. California is still keeping Theaters, and gyms closed.

Omari has multiple projects on the way like Army of the Dead set for 2021, D Is for Detroit and Die is being directed by Micah Hauptman. While his next film, Enormous will be directed by Ka’ramuu Kush.

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