O’Shea Jackson Jr Wants You to See INGRID GOES WEST

Oshea Jackson Jr Wants You to See INGRID GOES WEST

INGRID GOES WEST is the go to movie to round out your summer if you ask O’Shea Jackson Jr, and he’s right. The movie is twisted, sharp, funny and scary at the same time.

INGRID GOES WEST is ridiculously current with the culture of social media addicted, and O’Shea Jackson Jr shines bright in the Aubrey Plaza (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, The Little Hours), Elizabeth Olsen (Avengers: Infinity War, Wind River) film…

O'Shea Jackson Jr Wants You to See INGRID GOES WEST

CelebNMovies247.com loved the NEON film, INGRID GOES WEST, but our favorite actor in the film was O’Shea Jackson Jr, who plays Dan Pinto.

INGRID GOES WEST touches on a female, Ingrid Thorburn, who is addicted to Instagram. The film opens up with he having a breakdown over a person she friended on the gram. From there she takes things a bit to far. Ingrid wants a fresh start, so after some soul searching on the gram she notices a magazine about a photgrapher named Taylor Sloane. She begins to follow Taylor, and after Ingrid recieves a reply by Taylor she is off to Venice to be near hear and to befriend her.

The Aubrey Plaza produced movie is witty, funny and fresh. There is nothing like this movie, and that is why we are highly recommending you check out Aubrey Plaza in INGRID GOES WEST.

And if you don’t believe us, then listen to the sexy Oshea Jackson Jr who had this to say about his new movie:

Oshea asks everyone:

“I’m telling you guys go see this shit tomorrow. This movie means a lot to ya mans. I promise it’s for everyone and you WILL F–KIN LAUGH. @plazadeaubrey @hellomattspicer @elizabetholsenofficial let’s do this shiiiiieeeet”

He adds:

“My face when they say they haven’t seen INGRID GOES WEST YET!!!!! Go see that shit. Take yo girl to go see that shit. Ladies if his ass don’t wanna go, take yo friends to go see that shit. Or yo side dude to go see that shit. Take family members ….Take family members of your friends to go see that shit! Matter (of) fact set up a group within your respected communities with the sole purpose of unifying the different cultures and backgrounds of people throughout your neighborhood, with hopes of a better societal bond amongst its citizens to go see that shit! It’s out TODAY!!!!”

Go see the movie, you don’t want Oshea’s face to keep doing this, even though he’s so cute doing it. LOL:

This is O’Shea’s first film since Straight Outta Compton and he is not only hot on screen, but he’s a natural talent. He was perfect portraying his dad Ice Cube in the NWA biopic, but its great to see Jackson doing another movie and being himself on screen.

O’Shea, 26, can be seen in the upcoming Den of Thieves in 2018 and Godzilla: King of Monsters in 2019. Godzilla 2 is currently filming on location.