BITES: Pitch Perfect 3 Get Trish Sie, FOX Nabs Black Lightning + Shanghai Dawn

BITES: Pitch Perfect 3 Get Trish Sie, FOX Nabs Black Lightning + Shanghai Dawn


Time for a little catch up with MOVIE BITES: Pitch Perfect 3 Elizabeth Banks out, Trish Sie in, FOX Nabs DC Comic Black Lightning + Jackie Chan + Owen Wilson teaming up for Shanghai Dawn!!!

Get all the deets on Pitch Perfect 3, Black Lightning + Shanghai Dawn…

BITES: Pitch Perfect 3 Get Trish Sie, FOX Nabs Black Lightning + Shanghai Dawn

Elizabeth Banks hit a homerun directing Pitch Perfect 2, but it seems she won’t be in the director’s seat this time around. Instead Step Up All In director Trish Sie is replacing Banks for Pitch Perfect 3!

Despite the gazillion dollars Elizabeth Banks drummed in for PP2, she can’t direct the film this time due to scheduling conflicts will keep her from directing the third entry.

But never fear. The show must go on Step Up All In director Trish Sie, who is a really great choice will be helming the project that has the return of Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow. Kay Cannon is writing again, though this time she had some help from Mike White. And last but not least is Elizabeth Banks, that’s right she is not abandoning the film altogether, she is producing and acting in the movie.

We wonder if she will make the Pitch Perfect more like a Step Up film with more singing and dancing. It could be cool?


DC’s first headlining black superhero, Black Lightning the 1977 creation is coming to TV!

BITES: Pitch Perfect 3 Get Trish Sie, FOX Nabs Black Lightning + Shanghai Dawn

Black Lightning is a guy who was born with electricity-controlling powers AND is also an Olympic athlete. He’s also a teacher/principal and he lives in Brick City, which is like DC’s version of Newark, I guess, which is called Brick City.

If you were a Superfriends watcher like us as kids then you might have noticed they called him Black Vulcan. Yeah that was due to the cartoon not getting the rights to the character because of a dispute with creator, Tony Isabella. But no worries, the cool thing now is that Black Lightning is heading to TV.

Greg Berlanti, the dude who runs the DC TVverse, is teaming up with Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil to develop Black Lightning for the CW.

As Marvel brings Luke Cage to TV this fall, it adds up that DC would want to stay competitive in the inclusion arena. It’s not clear that Black Lightning will be on the CW – the show is being shopped to networks – which means it’s not clear if it’ll be set in the same universe as Flash and Arrow… although that never stopped Supergirl.

* Black Lightning creators include, Tony Isabella, and Black Goliath over at Marvel.

We just got word that Fox may soon be adding another DC Comics character, Black Lightning, to its roster.

After 13 years, Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are going to be reunited in Shanghai Dawn!

BITES: Pitch Perfect 3 Get Trish Sie, FOX Nabs Black Lightning + Shanghai Dawn

Shanghai Dawn will follow the martial arts Western Shanghai Noon and its London-based sequel Shanghai Knights.

The original Shanghai Noon was a surprise hit and helped to solidify Jackie Chan’s Hollywood credentials after the highly successful Rush Hour with Chris Tucker.

It was also the catalyst for Owen Wilson breakout role as the comedic talent of the film. Together they made an expert comedy couple, Chan providing amusement in action and Wilson provides laughs through dialogue. Unfortunately, Shanghai Knights was not well received by moviegoers and the franchise hit a dead end. 

Not only that Jackie Chan hit a wall after becoming a pop culture icon. He was frustrated a little with the lack of diversity he had in Hollywood, he started his own production company named JCE (Jackie Chan entertainment) Movies Limited. Chan went on to produce and sometimes star in more dramatically challenging films such as Enter the Phoenix, Everlasting Regret, and Little Big Soldier. Most ambitiously, he produced and co-directed 1911 (2011), a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution. Sadly this film was critically panned.

Now Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are teaming up for a third installment of Shanghai franchise, this one is titled Shanghai Dawn. 

On a positive note, it will be cool to see where the characters are now that it’s 13 years later. Plus the setting could be possibly anywhere, allowing the two to get in more and more silly hijinks.

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Director Jared Hess will be sitting in the directors seat for the third installment.



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