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Pete’s Dragon Trailer Gets Real; Drops Musical Comedy


We have the new Pete’s Dragon trailer and this time Pete’s Dragon is no longer the beloved Musical Comedy we grew up to love in 1977!!!

Watch the new Pete’s Dragon Trailer and you’ll see Disney has gone with a whole new direction…

Pete's Dragon remake of the classic Pete’s Dragon still follows an orphan boy who has been lost in the woods for six years, but this time the musical comedy aspect is gone.

It appears that Disney is planning to continue with their reign of box office home runs with the remake of Pete’s Dragon. The 1977 film wasn’t a box office hit, and Disney is hoping to cash in with gold this time around.

If you recall Pete’s only apparent companion being a large dragon who can make himself invisible. While the original 1977 production, which was mostly live action, was a musical comedy, this new version is obviously looking to channel the more dramatic aspects of Disney’s recent remakes. As a follow-up to The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon makes a lot of sense. Both stories follow orphans, and have put a lot of effort into creating realistic digital creatures. Whether this film will be able to be as successful as its predecessor is a more difficult question to answer.

There’s a definite Neverending Story vibe going on here. Elliot the dragon is covered in more fur than scales, which is the traditional look for a dragon. This time Elliot is remenisant of Falcor the luck dragon from the Neverending Story.

The Jungle Book had name recognition that stood outside of the Disney brand. It was a classic story long before Walt got his hands on it. However, Pete’s Dragon is a film that even most Disney fans don’t really take notice of. That doesn’t mean the film won’t work. It co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard, who’s making a career of working alongside giant CGI beasts, and Robert Redford, and if Robert Redford is on board, then so are we. Pete’s Dragon also stars Karl Urban, who plays the villain in the film.

Watch and you decide…thumbs up or thumbs down:

Are you looking forward to checking out Pete’s Dragon? Do you think this one will be another 2016 hit for Disney?

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