Pretty Woman Musical Moving Forward

Pretty Woman Musical Moving Forward

The Creative Team of the Pretty Woman musical as well as singer and songwriter Bryan Adams are moving forward with the show even though director, Garry Marshall passed away July 19th!!!

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Pretty Woman Musical Moving Forward

It was a sad day for his family, friends, Hollywood and fans when Garry Marshall died at 81. He was such a beloved director, actor and writer that he will be mourned by many, but his work will live on. The Pretty Woman Musical moves forward!

Garry Marshall who directed Pretty Woman back in 1990 had recently finished a re-write for the musical. Garry Marshall had been working on bringing the Pretty Woman Musical to life for the past few years. We at would expect that Garry would want the creative team to move forward and finish what he started. It will be a wonderful tribute to his dreams for the stage show to become a reality.

Paula Wagner who is his co-producer told The Hollywood reporter, “He took great pride and delight from Pretty Woman and I know he would have wanted us to continue on and therefore we will bring this story to Broadway. Pretty Woman the Musical will be a reminder of his humanity, his heart and his sense of humor.”

Marshall revealed in April that he would be putting Hairspray director Jerry Mitchell in charge of his project and that rocker Bryan Adams along with his songwriting partner Jim Vallance would handle composing the score for the Pretty Woman musical. Vallance said, “We woke up this morning to the sad news that he’d had passed away. It’s devastating. “He went on to say, “It was such an honor to have known and worked with him. He was the sweetest man you can imagine, just a lovely guy, still putting in a full day at the age of 81. I’m really going to miss him.”
The Canadian hit maker Adams put this up on twitter, “R.I.P. Garry Marshall. It was a privilege to work with you. #PrettyWoman.” Ironically, Bryan Adams has praised Marshall with Billboard earlier in the week with much praise over the director for his talents. Adams said, “What a sweetheart he is. You wouldn’t believe it. He wasn’t at the original audition that we did, but he was very much a part of this. Just brilliant to work with.”

We will be waiting for the Pretty Woman Musical to come to the stage as we are sure many will be. We would say that he will be watching from above with a smile knowing the show must and will go on. Celebnmovies247 sends condolences, love and support to all. Are you planning to see the Pretty Woman musical?