The Purge Election Year Review: Outdoes Its Predisessors

The Purge Election Year Outdoes Its Predisessors


The Purge Election Year is the third installment of James DeMonaco twister horror thriller about the United States allowing murder legal for 12 hours once a year!!!

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The Purge Election Year Review: Outdoes Its Predisessors

We have to admit that this time around The Purge Election Year outdoes its predisessors by improving on character developement, story and unraveling the reason behind the Purge.

In The Purge Election Year the film takes place 18 years after the second film The Purge: Anarchy where James DeMonaco take audience goers outside on Purge night. This time around our heroine Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) a woman who lost her family on Purge night 18 years prior. Now she is on a mission to end the blasphemous night. She is up against a Donald Trump like candidate, so the movie parallels Hillary vs Trump during the US real presidential run.

In the film Senator Charlie Roan is for the people, and if elected she will end the Purge. Of course the founding fathers are against the Purge ending, so they remove all restrictions this time so people in government are NOT protected. Which leads us to the premise of the story. Our hero Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) is Senator Charlie Roan’s head of security, but once a hit has been placed on her Leo must do everything in his power to protect the “angel” who will save America.

On the other side of town we are introduced to Joe (Mykelti Williamson), Marcos (Joseph Julian Soria) and former gang banger turned rebel Laney Rucker (Betty Gabriel). They are instantly thrown into a night of mayhem when Joe is forced to fight off looters the come to terrorise he and Marcos on the night of the Purge.

In another part of Washington DC, Dante Bishop (Edwin Hodge), the leader of the rebels against the Purge is planning on taking down the founding Fathers. if you’ve seen all of the films then you might remember Bishop is the man that was saved by the family in the first movie, The Purge. Bishop has been fighting against the government since the first film.

At one point all paths cross, which was down flawlessly this time around. DeMonaco has finally gotten to a place where he can make a real movie about this premise. One that does an admirable job of setting up how the Purge affects a wide range of people. Also this time of looking at the economic and political ramifications of the Purge, and Kyle Secor makes a particularly unctuous face for the Founding Fathers, with Raymond Barry showing up to be extra-disgusting in one scene. It’s a much larger film than the others, both in terms of the ideas being explored and the actual geography of the thing, as we get a pretty good look at Washington D.C. in crisis over the course of the 12 hours of the Purge.

Elizabeth Mitchell and Frank Grillo are both appealing leads in The Purge Election Year, which makes this film a more believable story unlike Independence Day: Resurgence. The leads have real chemistry as well as the supporting cast in this film. Each of the film are almost stand alone films. What is different about Grillo’s character this go around is he has a full name, Leo Barnes. In Anarchy his name was sergeant.

One thing we noticed is after so many years of the Purge in effect all that is left are the real crazies thirsting to kill. The film is filled with disturbing images on what people do on Purge night. But like the original films the movie touches on classism and how the Purge is designed for the rich to get away with murder.

The Purge is created as a form of economic and social warfare, designed to slowly but surely sculpt away all the “unwanted,” is a potent one. Basically The Purge helps the government to rid America of its homeless, sick, section 8, medicare/medical and anyone living off government-funded programs. It also helps the insurance industry to make millions while screwing over the middle to lower class. The overall desire is for the rich to survive and everyone else to be cleansed. But the movie is obviously trying to be social satire, with some very pointed commentary, and it wants to land some punches about the immorality of using murder as a tool.

The Purge is pure government corruption only for gain and profit on the deaths of innocent people trying to make a living. DeMonaco touches on all those aspects very well this time. As The Purge Universe grows James DeMonaco vision gets better. Overall The Purge: Election Year is one of the best out of the 3.

The Purge franchise has become one of our new favorite horror film franchises alongside, Alien, Saw, Final Destination, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Halloween and Paranormal Activity.



Movie review by: Emilio

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