Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants His Own Die Hard Movie

Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants His Own Die Hard Movie

Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants His Own Die Hard Movie!

One of the greatest action movies of all time is now desired by Deadpool himself. That’s right, instead of being original, Ryan Reynolds wants to be the lead in a Die Hard type movie.

CelebnMovies247.com reports that Ryan Reynolds wants to follow the footsteps of Gerard Butler who barrelled his way through the White House in Olympus Has Fallen.

Ryan Reynolds wants to be like Dwayne Johnson who mounted a rescue mission in Skyscraper, how Keanu Reeves did it on a bus in Speed, Wesley Snipes and Harrison Ford were both on planes for Passenger 57 and Air Force One.

Now, Ryan Reynolds who has done it with his Deadpool movies and The Hitman’s Bodyguard believes he needs a new Die Hard type movie where he is the solo lead.

Reynolds is looking for a Die Hard-esque vehicle to call his own, but there’s so little in the way of details or specifics that it’s best not to read too much into it.

The actor already has almost a dozen projects on his schedule in various stages of development. Though he is not satisfied with his catalog films since Die Hard has one-liners that continue to last the test of time.

Not to mention, Die Hard movies never go out of style nor do they get old.

It’s a great go-to for action lovers, but that is due to the charm and grace of Bruce Willis bring to life a character that fans continue to love for decades.

Deadpool is that film for Ryan, but he isn’t seeing the clear picture.

“Yippy Ki yeah Muther F–ker!”

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