Sausage Party Sexual Innuendo Character Posters

Sausage Party Sexual Innuendo Character Posters

The R Rated animated film Sausage Party by Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill is already at theaters but did you seen the new Sexual innuendo character Posters for Sausage Party???

Flip and see the new Sausage Party Sexual innuendo Character Posters…

Sausage Party Sexual Innuendo Character Posters loves Sausage Party. The term means a more than what this movie is telling, but it makes for a hilarious animated comedy.

If your kids are asking mommy why does daddy have his hot dog in mommies buns then your child it at the wrong movie. This is an adult animated film. You remember those? They’re R Rated and kids shouldn’t be watching them, no matter how cool mom and dad are?

Its sexual innuendo after sexual innuendo in this movie. Kind of like the sexual innuendo character posters below!

The reviews are in and here is what is being said:

For those of you who have ever envisioned Seth Rogen reconstituted as an anthropomorphic processed meat product — and you know who you are — “Sausage Party” may be savored as, if not a dream come true, then a drug-fueled hallucination without the potentially harmful side effects. A madcap crazy salad of industrial-strength raunchy, Tex Avery-level visual inventiveness and, no kidding, serio-comic religious allegory, this computer-animated comedy about the secret lives of supermarket merchandise had its premiere as a “work-in-progress” at the SXSW Film Festival prior to a scheduled Aug. 12 theatrical release. Rough edges are glaringly apparent in the film’s current, not-quite-complete state — indeed, a handful of scenes remain represented only by hand-drawings — but it’s already obvious that Sony could have a mid-sized late-summer hit on its hands.

Naturally, many parents will not appreciate having to tell their young offspring who see trailers and TV spots that, yes, this is a cartoon, but, no, it most certainly is not kids’ stuff. (The MPAA folks haven’t officially weighed in yet, but the movie was aptly hyped at SXSW as “the first R-rated CG animated movie.”) – Variety

The first word uttered in “Sausage Party” is a popular synonym for excrement, which is a bit counterintuitive. In a movie about food, you’d expect that to come at the end. But while the next 88 minutes supply plenty of scatology — including a blessedly discreet toilet-paper joke — this potty-mouthed movie has higher matters in mind. You will come for the kind of humor promised in the title and the well-earned R rating, but stay for the nuanced meditations on theology and faith. – NY Times

Check the innuendo character posters that are for adults only. Thank you Seth and Jonah…LOL: