Scarecrows Trailer Bloody + Torturous First Look

Scarecrows Trailer Bloody + Torturous First Look

Scarecrows trailer turns up the horror genre with a new killer who tortures his victims by nailing them up like scarecrows.

Read on because once you go up, you’ll never come down, according to the tagline… has your first look at the upcoming horror movie Scarecrows.

Uncork’d Entertainment has released a first look at the upcoming cornfield killer movie.

Halloween may have come and gone, but that hasn’t stopped the horror movies.

Scarecrows focus on the young, dumb and innocent in this film. The subjects are a group of high schoolers getting crucified and tortured in the worst way possible.

This movie drives the nail to through the bone, so to speak, well literally.

This film is reminiscent of the successful Jeepers Creepers franchise. The only difference is this is a killer and not a creeper who feeds for 23 days. This movie is about a group of teenagers who are kidnapped and made into living scarecrows. They left to die in crop fields in an exceedingly frightening stoner-horror flick.


Scarecrows, starring Hannah Gordon (Hurt), Mike Taylor (Pure) and Umed Amin (A Simple Favor) and co-written by Stone and Adam Rodness, premieres on VOD December 11 and DVD February 1 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Stu Stone has emerged from the new crop of millennial filmmakers intent on twisting the horror genre into something sick and surreal. He actually got his start as an actor, with more than 80 credits to his name. He made his debut way back in 1984 at just 4-years old, appearing in an episode of The Edison Twins. He made his big screen debut that same year in the cult favorite Heavenly Bodies. Throughout the early 90s, he lent his voice to a number of animated TV series and has gone onto appear in such hits as Donnie Darko, Joy Ride, and Sorority Boys.

Scarecrows look like a mad bit of terrifying fun thanks to director Stu Stone who got the bug back in 2016.

It will be nailing into theaters on December so make sure to watch cornfield killer movie.

Scarecrows Trailer Bloody + Torturous First Look

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