15 Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween

15 Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween

We always give you the best scary movies to watch every year like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead and Halloween. But this year we have The 15 Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween!!!

Flip and see which movies we feel are the 15 BEST Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween…

15 Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween

CelebNMovies247.com has you new updated scary movie roster of films to check out on Halloween or anytime this year. Especially if you missed them at theaters. The list is compiled of films from 2015 and 2016 so get ready to be scared.

If you are horror movie fans then we have a new list of scary movies from the past 2 years for you to checkout. From this years Blair Witch to last years Insidious 3.

Here is the 15 Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween:

15. Blair Witch (2016)

The makers of this new Blair Witch have attempted to recapture that air of mystery, filming surreptitiously under the title The Woods to avoid attention during production. The movie has some unexpected new additions to it’s already played out story line from 1999. If you’re a Blair Witch fan then check this one out, if not, pass.

14. The Other Side of the Door

Another ghost movie that advises to adhere the warning sign NOT to open a door, but if our heroin doesn’t there would be no story. It’s good, if you like ghost stories.

13. The Disappointments Room

The Disappointments Room is a haunted-house movie about a family with a tragic past. Scenes of bloody violence include characters being bashed and covered in blood, children dying (a baby is tragically, accidentally killed) and in danger, a mangled cat corpse, a dog attacking a boy, and other shocking images. The Disappointments Room’s scares, mysteries, and character relationships are all numbingly routine. Overall the movie is a good scary movie. It’s a little lighter for those of you who don’t like really scary movies.

12. Holidays

Horror anthology films tend to live or die by their thematic conceits, and Holidays, at least, has a good one. In the tradition of Night Gallery and Tales From the Crypt, the movie Holidays takes a punch at the Holidays we all love. Holidays features eight short films relating to a different holiday by nine mostly up-and-coming directors. The objective, to hopefully permanently tarnish at least one of your favorite days

11. Sinister 2

The second installment of the creepiest film Sinister that points out NEVER watch old films from previous home owners. Our advise throw it away or don’t buy the house no matter what the circumstances are. This movie pulls out all the basic scare tackticks, but the filming is genius.

10. The Gallows

This is a new generation folklore telling that breathes new life into the theory, “high school kids are stupid!” The movie is great and don’t think it’s basic because there are some sick twists in this horror movie.

9. Krampus:

In tradition of Gremlins, Krampus gives you the holiday jokes, the family conflicts and the folklore. The movie is overall rollercoaster of comedy meets scare. It’s the perfect combination that will make you to not doubt if Santa Claus is real.

8. The Forrest

This is a great psychological thriller that has you guessing until the end. It’s filled with twists and turns in the story. The writing is great. The movie is a mind-fuckery at its best.

7. Insidious 3

Probably the scariest of the three films, with a fourth on the way due out in 2017.

6. The Purge: Election Year

The Purge continues to bring the next level of America going psycho for one night a year. But it also shows how crazy we all are to think killing is a way to cleanse the spirit. A MUST see film for action horror lovers.

5. It Follows

Completely creepy, spin chilling. Like the early horror films of the 1970s It Follows is based on fear factor effects that has you tricking your mind. It is a great film and a true horror classic.

4. Don’t Breathe:

Among the most acclaimed horror releases of the year, here we have a great concept combined with a couple of solid twists that delivers a unique approach to the “trapped in a maze-like house with a killer” horror story. The movie is a complete masterpiece in story. It make you wonder, do you really know your neighbors? A MUST SEE FILM of 2016.

3. Ouija: Origin Of Evil

A rare instance of a surprisingly excellent sequel to a terrible first film, this movie manages to take even some frankly overused tropes of the genre. The “possessed child” and “climbing on walls/ceiling” bits, obtains an effective and scary results. Basically, the success is obvious and simple: good writing in a good story with good performances, plain and simple.

2. Lights Out

The movie has everything that will make you scared of the dark. It is creepy, freaky, and suspenseful. It’s scary to the 100th! Good acting pushes this movie to the top of the list of must see scary movies.

1. The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring franchise takes you a step further with its second installment of the paranormal. This time around the film is super scary. The effects are great. The scares are beyond. Great acting, story line, and writing makes this movie a perfect film to scare the whole family on Halloween.