Which X-Men Role is Scott Eastwood Gunning For?

Which X-Men Role is Scott Eastwood Gunning For?


If you haven’t heard the latest, Pacific Rim Uprising star and Clint Eastwood’s son Scott Eastwood is gunning to take on Wolverine.

Fans haven’t really had much time to process Hugh Jackman leaving the role of Wolverine and now, Scott Eastwood wants the role of The Wolverine? Read on…

Which X-Men Role is Scott Eastwood Gunning For?

CelebNMovies247.com is a bit shocked by the news that Scott Eastwood wants to play The Wolverine, but hey he might be a perfect fit.

Now, that Hugh Jackman has made his last appearance as The Wolverine, the fan-favorite mutant, in Logan earlier this year the role is vacant.

With more X-Men movie in the pipeline someone will have to play Wolverine if his character returns in a prequel or other projects. Many believe that Wolverine didn’t die in Logan, and if Scott Eastwood takes on the character this could be that right time to change actors.

If given the chance, Scott Eastwood would like a crack at re-casting Wolverine. The 31-year-old actor recently appeared at New York Comic-Con to promote his new movie Pacific Rim: Uprising. After the panel Scott Eastwood spoke with Comicbook.com and was asked what superhero he’d like to play.

He enthusiastically expressed:

“Weapon X. I mean, Logan! You gotta give it to Wolverine! Wolverine, all day.”

If he takes on Jackman’s role of Wolverine, that is some mighty big shoes to fill, but being the son of Clint Eastwood, Scott Eastwood is probably used to living up to a pretty big legacy.

What do you think of Scott Eastwood as The Wolverine?

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