SDCC: The Best Cosplayers at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Once again San Diego Comic-Con 2018 was out of this world. There was so much going on it was overload!

Thankfully, our very own Chris Brody was on hand to catch a lot of the action you didn’t see when it comes to Cosplay.

Cosplay has truly evolved over the years so it’s more than just wearing a costume at a comic convention.

For some, Cosplay is a way of expression, a way to create an alter ego, a superhero or pay homage to one of your favorites.

This year, has our 20 Best Cosplay courtesy of Chris Brody…

SDCC: The Best Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2018Some of the best cosplayers take their act on the convention circuit with multiple costumes per year.

In fact, some of the cosplayers even have their own fan followings on social media.

We have to admit, that it takes a lot for these cosplayers to step out in their creations, but this is why we love them so much. Each and every year the cosplayers push the envelope of creativity.

Take a look at cosplayers and models Lindsey Rumings, Loretta Vampz, Ally Williams, Victoria Barajas, Alicia Marie, Vera Bambi, Jenna Lynn Meowri, the Suicide Girls, Fines Pena, Diana Terranova, Amy Wilder, Mida Alpha-Romero.

SDCC: The Best Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Actress – Amber Heard

In addition to the cosplayers, we have photos of Actresses, Amber Heard, Ashley Mary Nunes an artist, Nicole Brune.

Here are our Best Cosplayers (Photos courtesy of Chris Brody) – Take a look above:

Who is your favorite cosplayer from the photo gallery above?

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