Starman Remake

Sony Remaking John Carpenter’s Starman


Every once in a while a remake has us screaming why, kind of like this one, so we ask Why Hollywood, Why is Sony Remaking John Carpenter’s Starman?

Find out the latest details on the new Starman remake on the flip…

Sony Remaking John Carpenter's Starman

Apparently Sony is offering a particularly good spin on an old idea, we hope, but there is something about Starman that makes this such a classic that we wish it wouldn’t be touched. got the tip from Birth.Movies.Death and we are feeling the same way they are about the news of a Starman remake!

As much as we want Hollywood to yield on remakes, Sony is pushing forward and remaking John Carpenter’s Starman.

Starman is one of those movies that defines our childhood, but obviously they want the remake to do the same thing, but these days remakes tend to lose the essence and integrity of the original.

The original focuses on Jeff Bridges, and that he played an alien who (having accepted the invitation attached to NASA’s Voyager 2 space probe) travels to Earth and falls in love with Karen Allen. It was magnificent, because it comes from the ET and Close Encounters of the First Kind era of movies.

Now we have no problem is someone like JJ Abrams was attached to the film, but wishing for genius is not reality.

Instead we’re getting A Night At The Museum  directed Shawn Levy at the helm. As for the writer on board, its Arash Amel, who wrote Grace Of Monaco.  Like the idea of a Starman remake, their attachment to this project fills me with a tremendous sense of indifference. We are already seeing a disastrous outcome to a film that carried such hope, such innocence entangled with movie magic and superb actors.

It was a genuine feel good movie. We hope Levy can pull it off, but A Night At The Museum is fluff compared to Starman.

What are your thoughts on a Starman remake? yeah or nah?

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