Stanley Tucci Returns to Transformers: The Last Knight

Stanley Tucci Returns to Transformers: The Last Knight


The latest Transformers: The Last Knight directed Michael Bay, has been underway for some time now. Bay hasn’t been shy about bringing fans along while he documents his fifth go-round. We have learned that Stanley Tucci is back for another round of Transformers!!!

Flip and get the latest reveal on Stanley Tucci returning to Transformers: The Last Knight…

Stanley Tucci Returns to Transformers: The Last Knight has learned that Stanley Tucci will be reprising his role as Joshua Joyce, the obsessed scientist turned friend of the autobots!

We have been keeping you up to date since Michael Bay has been extra social on Twitter about the movie filming in Cuba, new character like Sqweeks (which we hope won’t offend anyone this time) and Transformer designs. We also told you about Once Upon a Time actor Liam Garrigan joining the cast. And of course, this time around, Bay brings back Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, and Tyrese Gibson and new editions Anthony Hopkins and Laura Haddock (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Meanwhile, Variety confirms that Stanley Tucci will also return for The Last Knight, reprising his role as tech-guru Joshua Joyce. Tucci confirmed his appearance in the film while accepting a career tribute in Deauville, France, but didn’t go much into specifics with regard to what his character will be doing and how he’ll fit into the narrative, much less what role if any he’ll play as the story delves into the Arthurian legend.

Given his character’s arc in Age of Extinction, it will be interesting to see where Joyce heads next, as he and Cade Yaeger (Wahlberg) inevitably find themselves embroiled in more Cybertronian affairs. With any luck, he’ll be given the chance to name more stuff, like he did with “transformium.”

Stanley Tucci was that perfect blend of obsessed scientist turned friend of the autobots and the rebellion to overcome the decepticons in the last installment. So we look forward to his return in part 5.

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