Star Trek 4 Bringing Back Chris Hemsworth

Star Trek 4 Bringing Back Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth is coming back to Star Trek 4 as his former character, George Kirk who is the father of Captain James T. Kirk!!!

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Star Trek 4 Bringing Back Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth was killed off in the first Star Trek movie seven years ago, but we know it will be done in a creative way.  Chris Hemsworth add more hunky good looks to that of Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto to name a few. got the scoop of the 32-year-old Hemsworth’s return which was tweeted out by Access Hollywood’s Scott Mantz:

”BREAKING!! #JJAbrams confirms to me that a 4th #StarTrek movie will bring together #ChrisPine & #ChrisHemsworth!! (sic)”

We are happy to share the news which was also suggested via some hints by J.J. Abrams, the director of the Star Trek Franchise.  At a recent press conference, Abrams said this about the Thor actor, ”There’s something that hopefully we’re figuratively minutes away from talking about. The answer is 100 per cent yes, and it’s incredibly exciting.”

In the first Star Trek back in 2009, George Kirk stayed on his ship to save his people on the ship who he had escape, including his wife who was in labor with James T. Kirk.  His wife was delivering James as he was battling the aliens to save more than 800 of the crew.  The ship crashed and he was supposedly killed as James was being born.

There is no concrete news on how Abrams plans to have the character return to life.  You never know, but is should be interesting and exciting as well. We will have to wait and see.

Star Trek Beyond starts this week, on July 22nd.

We are very anxious to see the full movie.  How about you? Are you excited that Star Trek is already planning part 4 and Chris Hemsworth will be returning? Did you remember he was in the first Star Trek film?


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