Screw The Critics Suicide Squad Is A Certified Blockbuster

Screw The Critics Suicide Squad Is A Certified Blockbuster


Screw The Critics Suicide Squad Is A Certified Blockbuster!!! This morning we reported that Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad is crushing it domestically in midweek numbers!!!

Get all the details on Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad movie…

Screw The Critics Suicide Squad Is A Certified Blockbuster

The critics sounded like they were just hating on Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad when they complained that the movie was confusing, had too much back story and was too dark. They know NOTHING, and this is why we feel that they’re just Marvel fans hating! has just learned that Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad has officially busting through Guardians of the Galaxy‘s grosses one after another.

The movie opened with a $133.3M in 57 markets this weekend to push it past comp Deadpool.

On Monday, the DC Comic has grossed an estimated $15.7M Monday with another $15.3M on Tuesday to bring its international cume up to $165M.

Then Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad continued to CRUSH Marvel with a domestic haul of $161M added in, bringing David Ayer’s raucous romp has grossed a $326.1M for the studio so far.

The news only gets better for Suicide Squad Internationally:

In Brazil, Suicide Squad has passed the entire run of Guardians of the Galaxy after only six days in release there, scooping up $14.9M.

The U.K. kicked in another shocking total with $19.7M, the supervillain pic starring Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie.

The film also pushed over Guardians’ ticket sales entire gross run in South Korea with $12.1M after only one week in release. And get this Korea has a holiday next weekend with the celebration of its Independence Day on August 15, which might help moviegoing in the territory.

Its No. 2 offshore market is Russia ($14.2M), followed by Mexico ($13.2M), and Australia ($12.3M).

In its second weekend domestically, look for the film to hit $51M-$54M, while overseas, it’s expecting another big weekend. The film is the biggest August opener both abroad and stateside. Overseas, it’s also chalked up the second-biggest DC Comics movie opening, behind only this year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. – Deadline

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