Suicide Squad Extended Cut: Joker + Harley Quinn Cut Scenes

Suicide Squad Extended Cut: Joker + Harley Quinn Cut Scenes

If you loved Suicide Squad like we did, then you will love that Warner Bros. Pictures is releasing the Suicide Squad Extended Cut. This means MORE Joker + Harley Quinn Cut Scenes added back in the film!!!

Flip and get all the details on the Suicide Squad Extended Cut…

Suicide Squad Extended Cut: Joker + Harley Quinn Cut Scenes has your first look at the upcoming Suicide Squad Extended Cut, that is putting back the Joker + Harley Quinn Cut Scenes.

Cool, right?

A few days after Suicide Squad arrived on the big screen, a whole rundown of deleted scenes surfaced online. No one knew if the list was accurate, until now. In fact, we’re getting glimpses of what was left on the cutting room floor, and it includes some of the moments detailed in that list.

If you were like us, we were sitting there going something is missing, and we were right.

What will you get with the Suicide Squad extended cut?

A new Suicide Squad extended cut trailer has surfaced online, and it has some bits of new footage that we haven’t seen yet, including some pretty juicy moments between Jared Leto as The Joker and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

We previously told you that Jared Leto himself, said that there were a lot of scenes that didn’t make it into the film. And NOTE, the Suicide Squad Extended Cut isn’t exactly a director’s cut in the same way that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition was for Zack Snyder. We all know it should be, but at least they are adding some well needed deleted scenes back into the movie, about 13-minutes to be exact.

Suicide Squad Extended Cut: Joker + Harley Quinn Cut Scenes

Here’s what Suicide Squad director David Ayer said around the time the theatrical cut hit theaters:

“We have a chunk [of deleted scenes], there’s definitely over 10 minutes of material on there. But this cut of the movie is my cut, there’s no sort of parallel universe version of the movie, the released movie is my cut. And that’s one of the toughest things about writing, shooting, and directing a film, is you end up with these orphans and you fucking love them and you think they’d be amazing scenes and do these amazing things but the film is a dictatorship (laughs), not a democracy, and just because something’s cool and charismatic doesn’t mean it gets to survive in the final cut. The flow of the movie is the highest master.”

Ayer seems to be confident that his cut is the best, but Warner Bros. Pictures seems to have thought otherwise. Thank you Warner Bros. Pictures!

The studio felt that any fans who may have been displeased with the theatrical cut of the movie might take a chance on the extended cut in the same way they did with Batman v Superman.

There will be 13 minutes of footage put back into the movie, but will that be enough to fix some of the plot holes and messiness many found in the movie? Batman v Superman‘s Ultimate Edition added about 30 minutes with an all-new cut making significant changes. We truly hope that Suicide Squad extended cut will be remarkably different, but it’s only 13 minutes. After what Leto said in interviews it sounds like there is at least 25 minutes or more, but who knows maybe 13 is all the movie needs. If NOT Warner Bros. can always do a special edition for Valentines day.


Suicide Squad‘s extended cut arrives on Digital HD on November 15 and Blu-ray & DVD on December 13.