Suicide Squad Extended Edition is Coming to Blu-Ray + Digital

Suicide Squad Extended Edition is Coming to Blu-Ray + Digital HD


Yes, it’s happening, Warner Bros. is realizing that they can take advantage of Jared Leto statement, which he refers to as a giant pile of his craziest material. With that said, Suicide Squad Extended Edition is Coming to Blu-Ray + Digital!!!

Find out what will be added and when will you be able to order a copy of the Suicide Squad Extended Edition on Blu-Ray + Digital HD on the flip…

Suicide Squad Extended Edition is Coming to Blu-Ray + Digital has just got word, via Warner Bros. that they will be releasing a Suicide Squad Extended Edition.

Cool, right?

Well, we all know that nothing involving Suicide Squad can ever be simple, but here is the tea. First off, confirming old news, with Suicide Squad is getting an extended edition. This confirms that the there were two cuts of this film. The one Warner Bros. had the company that made the trailer do and the darker one that director David Ayer actually wanted.

Which makes most people question, which version hit theaters?

It was a little bit of both actually. The movie that hit theaters is supposedly a compromise between the two visions.

Which leads us to the second question, is which version of the extended cut will show us more Joker and more story aka the darker stuff that was cut out.

Which leads us to the obvious, this edition is most likely not Ayer’s, since he told Collider:

“We have a chunk, there’s definitely over 10 minutes of material on [the DVD]. But this cut of the movie is my cut, there’s no sort of parallel universe version of the movie, the released movie is my cut.”

By that statement, it doesn’t sound like he’d be in the mood to make another version.

And lastly is Jared Leto’s comment where he said there’s probably enough cut footage of him to make an entire Joker movie. Leto also revealed in the same BBC radio interview, that the footage would all come out if he died.

Not the most positive thing to say, but if the extended cut adds The Joker scenes back in the film then Leto will still be very much alive. A contrary alternative to Ayer’s comments and Leto’s belief that he’d have to die first, obviously getting.

Checkout the announcement video that an extended cut is coming to Blu-Ray + Digital:

The digital version of the extended edition will be available November 15, and the Blu-ray on December 13.

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