What Was Wrong with Suicide Squad

What Was Wrong with Suicide Squad


Despite critics our resident FLIXCRITIC (review), who watched Suicide Squad + loved the movie. He had some question why there wasn’t much of The Joker, and barely any lines for the Suicide Squad except for Harley and Deadshot!?!

Was the movie too RUSHED, was David Ayer the right choice? Is Suicide Squad the right jump-start-movie for the DC Comics universe? Well here is what is being said about the Suicide Squad movie…

What Was Wrong with Suicide Squad

Critics continue to attack the Warner Bros + David Ayer anti-hero/hero movie, Suicide Squad. There has been a wide range of divisive reactions to Warner Bros. redemption film.

After the Batman v Superman blunder which plays better in the 3hr 3 min version on Blu-Ray/DVD, David Ayer’s revamped supervillain team-up promised to bring fun back to the DC universe. Some critics are raving, while others are complaining. Many critics are bashing the film saying its confusing. We disagree, there is nothing confusing about the film, it just lacks some interaction between the Suicide Squad.

From talks of the Joker scenes being cut to David Ayer direction, The Hollywood Report has a long report about the Suicide Squad problems, and we’ve compiled some of the main issues for you below.

An ambitious release date: Warner Bros. officially announced Suicide Squad in 2014. At the time, a 2016 release date seemed safely distant, but THR’s source says Ayer had to hit the ground running. “[Ayer] wrote the script in like, six weeks, and they just went,” he said, suggesting that the director would have benefited from additional time.

An inexperienced director: Making matters worse, Suicide Squad was new territory for Ayer. Although he’s not a rookie director — Suicide Squad is his sixth feature — he is completely untested in the world of big-budget blockbuster filmmaking. All of his previous projects have been smaller, grittier affairs.

A struggling franchise: While Ayer did not work on Batman v Superman, the deeply divided reaction to that film had Warner Bros., which was already nervous to begin with, extra jittery about Suicide Squad. Suddenly, it became extremely important that Suicide Squad right the ship after Batman v Superman sent the franchise veering off course.

Misleading marketing: Among other things, the studio feared that Suicide Squad wouldn’t live up to the “fun, edgy tone” of its marketing. There have been whispers for a while now that Suicide Squad‘s trailers were overselling the humor, and it seems they were true.

Studio intervention: Finally, the anxious studio intervened. Two edits were tested — one from Ayer, and one from Warner Bros. with help from Trailer Park (which had cut the teaser) — and the studio’s version won. So the project underwent “millions of dollars worth of additional photography” to get the film closer to the studio’s lighter version. It’s not as simple as “more jokes,” but again, it turns out there was truth in all those rumblings that those Suicide Squad reshoots were meant to make the movie more “fun”.

Here is where we agree or disagree to the overall film when faced with the points THR is trying to make…

Despite the time restraints a more experienced director of the genre would have been a better choice. We know Hollywood is all who you know, but Ayer may have NOT been the right choice. Let’s NOT forget Zack Snyder had to step in to bring those Marvel-esque moments to the DC Comic movie. David Ayer is great when it comes to violent action/thrillers like Fury, End of Watch, Harsh Times, Training Day and more, but Superhero films? He NEEDS to walk away gracefully.

As for Warner Bros. kicking off with a dark Batman v Superman movie to birth the DC Extended Universe was overzealous since the movie was redundant in sort. It was the retelling aspect of Batman that killed it for us and actor Ben Affleck at the Bat. He was too angry and one-dimensional. He carries the same problem to Suicide Squad. He needs to really dig into the character more and give Batman depth like Leto does for Joker, Robbie does for Harley Quinn, Will Smith does for Deadpool and Jay Hernandez does for Diablo. Hopefully he gets the point. If not, we will spell it out Ben needs to stop using his celebrity status as his ticket as a good actor. He is great in everything else, well most, but he SUCKS as Batman!

The marketing is superb, but did it live up to the hype? We think yes, it was edgy, fun, and very, very dark.

Lastly, the final version? It moved right along the narrative was fine, the story works, but we wanted more from the other characters and then felt lost with Monster T (Common) and Adam Beach (Slipknot). Both character are not in the film long enough to care. They’re only there to move the scene, but it would have helped to see a little more of Slipknot. As for, Monster T, it seemed someone was doing a favor casting Common in the role because it had no lead up or point. It only helps to support The Jokers twisted love affair for Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie).

At least this was a complete piece of garbage like director Josh Trank horrible attempt at Fantastic Four. Hopefully he NEVER films another DC Comic or Marvel Movie again. If he does, all superhero fans will know to avoid it like the plague rather than be PISSED off how he ruined a great franchise!

Lastly, Suicide Squad does have some serious issues including sloppy storytelling and some baffling structural issues. Now that we know more about what went down, Suicide Squad will hopefully have two more sequels but this film shows having a inexperienced director at the helm of a live action comic book superhero film is NOT a smart move for blockbuster film-making. There are too many potential pitfalls that can kill the franchise and a potential DC Extended Universe.

From now on studios need geek directors. The ones who grew up on comics, love comics and still read comics so they have a FULL understanding of the characters. This way all aspects can be flushed out and made sense of when combining characters together.


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