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TRAILERS: Black Panther 2, Leatherface, Winchester

TRAILERS: Black Panther, Leatherface, Winchester

We have more new trailers for you, kicking off with the new Black Panther trailer via Marvel Studios. Followed by Leatherface and Winchester.

Flip and watch the new movie trailers for Black Panther 2, Leatherface, Winchester…

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New Demented and Blood Drive Jigsaw Posters

New Demented Blood Drive Jigsaw Posters

On October 26 Lionsgate is going back to one of their most successful franchises, Saw, but this time it’s called Jigsaw. The film looks like a complete blood fest, so fan who love lots of blood, gore and mayhem, this is up your ally.

We have the new demented, freakish, Blood Drive Jigsaw posters to creep you out…

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Keanu Reeves Wants Tilda Swinton for John Wick Chapter 3

Keanu Reeves Wants Tilda Swinton for John Wick Chapter 3

John Wick Chapter 3 is sounding like it will be real good since Keanu Reeves is pushing to get Oscar winner Tilda Swinton in the upcoming sequel.

Lionsgate is already moving forward with John Wick Chapter 3, especially since this will be the final chapter in the John Wick trilogy. Read on…

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