Terrified Gets Guillermo del Toro Produced Remake

This Year’s ‘Terrified’ Gets Guillermo del Toro Produced Remake

Shudder exclusive Streaming service horror film Terrified is already getting a remake, with Guillermo del Toro in the producer seat.

Mr. del Toro is extending his relationship with Searchlight that was capped last year by Best Picture Oscar winner The Shape of Water.

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CelebNMovies247.com reports that Terrified will be released via Fox Searchlight with Sacha Gervasi set to write the script. Gervasi’s credits include The Terminal and Hitchcock.

Demián Rugna, who wrote/directed the original, will helm the English language remake.

Terrified plotline:

When strange events occur in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, a doctor specializing in the paranormal, her colleague, and an ex-police officer investigate further. The results are horrifying and the evil must be stopped before it spreads.

Following the Best Picture win at Oscar’s for The Shape of Water, Del Toro made an overall Fox Searchlight deal last April.

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