The Rock + Emily Blunt in Disney’s Jungle Cruise Arrives At D23

The Rock + Emily Blunt in Disney's Jungle Cruise Arrives At D23

Disney D23 Expo has been going in full force and on Saturday, Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie was previewed at D23 today by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

The two playfully gave an overview of the story and revealed what long-time fans of the Disneyland ride can expect when the movie finally hits theaters. Read on… reports that Dwayne Johnson got a standing ovation from the crowd when he hit the riding a wheeled riverboat.

What can you expect from Disney’s upcoming Jungle Cruise movie, Dwayne Johnson said:

Romance, big comedy, big action, and most importantly, me.

Johnson continued by saying:

I made a movie about heroic men like me and saving the girl.

Emily Blunt showed another trailer from her character’s perspective. She took to the stage in a Model T-style automobile and pretended to make fun of Dwayne Johnson and his male-centric Jungle Cruise trailer.

Blunt joked:

Did you cut that yourself?

The Jungle Cruise panel was a lot of fun for those lucky enough to be in attendance at this weekend’s D23 Expo. It was equally as fun to watch Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson pretend to fight on screen was entertaining, it was far from the best part of the presentation.

In the footage you see The Rock uttering:

Everything you see wants to kill you, and can.

Here is what we learned about the premise of the movie:

We also learned that Dwayne Johnson isn’t really who he claims to be in the Jungle Cruise movie. Instead of being the brave macho man, he is basically a fraud, taking tourists on fake cruises with no real threats. However, that all changes when Emily Blunt’s character hires him for a real gig. Supernatural forces threaten their mission as Johnson isn’t sure what he has just gotten himself into. From the looks of things, the Jungle Cruise movie looks like a lot of fun and will be something that Disney fans will more than likely really enjoy.

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