Tom Cruise “Training for a Year” for A New “Mind-Blowing”MI6 Stunt

Tom Cruise "Training for a Year" for A New "Mind-Blowing''MI6 Stunt

In case you didn’t hear there is another Mission: Impossible 6 on the way, but did you know that Tom Cruise has been ”training for a year” for his role?

Get more on Tom Cruise and his training for “mind-blowing” Mission: Impossible 6 stunt per producer David Ellison

Tom Cruise "Training for a Year" for A New "Mind-Blowing''MI6 Stunt

Tom Cruise tends to outdo himself in every sequel. He’s climbs tall buildings, flies on jet liners on the outside, and does amazing stunts for every Mission: Impossible film, so what’s next?

Hollywood icon Tom Cruise is doing some serious training to be ready for the upcoming 6th installment of MI6.

Now, producer David Ellison has revealed the lengths Tom has gone to for one particularly demanding scene.

He told Collider:

”What Tom is doing in this movie I believe will top anything that’s come before. It is absolutely unbelievable – he’s been training for a year.  It is going to be, I believe, the most impressive and unbelievable thing that Tom Cruise has done in a movie, and he has been working on it since right after ‘Rogue Nation’ came out. It’s gonna be mind-blowing.”

David’s comments come shortly after it was confirmed Henry Cavill has joined the cast of ‘Mission: Impossible 6’.


Henry’s appearance in the new movie was revealed during an Instagram exchange shared by the project’s director Christopher McQuarrie.

The director photo of himself standing on some rocks with the caption

“Say, @henrycavill. Had a thought. Curious if you’re interested in a role in the 6th installment of Mission: Impossible. No pressure. (sic)”

Tom Cruise "Training for a Year" for A New "Mind-Blowing''MI6 Stunt

Henry subsequently said in the comments:

”How can I say no to a man with such perfect hair….. (sic)”

Christopher quickly replied to the star to make sure he was well aware of the perilous tasks ahead:

“@henrycavill excellent. Just a few caveats: must enjoy extreme heights, high speeds, motor vehicles of all varieties (especially aircraft), practical stunts, firearms, and sporadic exposition. All good? (sic)”

Then he posted some photos from Norway of Icebergs, which makes us think, could this be the insane mind-blowing stunt Tom Cruise will be doing? Is he climbing a glacier? Skiing down one? Repelling or jumping off one?

We will keep you posted, but for now here are his helpful hints below: