Top 10 Razzies 2018 Predictions Are…

Top 10 Razzies 2018 Predictions Are...

Earlier this year we had some top choices for The Razzies 2018, but the bad movies continued to flood theaters, so we have our top 10 Razzie Choices for 2018.

While Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Disaster Artist, The Shape of Water and Lady Bird were the big winners at The Golden Globes 2018, There is still the Oscars and The Razzies for 2018. Read on and see which films for 2018 topped’s list for The Top 10 Razzies 2018 predictions….

Top 10 Razzies 2018 Predictions Are...

Have you seen some of the mishaps that studios released this year? No worries, some of them will still get an award, but it won’t be Oscar worthy.

Though, The Razzies 2018 still have a prestige to them, so grabbing one of these awards is still an honor all in its own. We guess if your film sucked at the box office, grabbing a Razzie still means it worthy of accolades.

If you missed out early Razzie predictions check them out here,because we have some other films more worthy of a Razzie 2018. Yes, we mentioned Rings, The Great Wall and XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, but these new additions are seriously in the running.


Top 10 Razzies 2018 Predictions Are...

Our Top 10 Razzies 2018 Predictions Are…

10. XXX: The Return of Xander Cage:

We love Vin Diesel and the XXX franchise, but this movie felt like a Fast & Furious rip off. The cast was uber cute and over-acted. It was a disappointment after the original was so good. Hopefully if they do another they will retool the movie back to its roots and NOT so Furious 7-ish.

9. The Great Wall:

Matt Damon in a Chinese mythology movie? Really? Who in the Jackie Chan were they thinking. This movie lacked everything. Leave Chinese mythology to actors who are Asian. Why does Hollywood have to white wash everything, we thought the days of Shirley Temple were over?

8. Just Getting Started:

We normally love corny movies like this, but this one was a utter dud. Variety said, “Unduly protracted, clumsily contrived and dreadfully unamusing, this misbegotten project brings out the worst in all parties involved.” While Common Sense Media states, “Freeman and Jones are far too talented for this dreadful, unfunny senior comedy/adventure.”

7. Rings:

Why? Waste of time and utterly whack. There was no point to bring this franchise back. Hopefully Rings will be laid to rest never to return to the big screen. Without Naomi Watts,these movies are an utter bore.

6. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword:

Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc., Village Roadshow, RatPac-Dune has learned the hard way that $175 million-budget and Guy Ritchie doesn’t spell box office gold. Forbes said it best with 7 reasons why King Arthur was an EPIC FAIL. Starting off with unknown various young, white male hunks trying to be the next Chris Hemsworth. No one cares about King Arthur’s origins, if that is what you need watch Excalibur. It was a setup movie, with hopes of a sequel that will NEVER come. The movie wasted money on re-shoots. Bottom line, “if you’re going to make a King Arthur movie, go nuts with the fantasy elements, give us more than just a few giant elephants and a big snake,” say Forbes.

5. Valerian:

We had such high hopes for this movie, but it all came down to casting. The movie had everything in it visually. The story was interesting and it kept you engaged, but what ruined Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets wasn’t a dark force that was threatening Alpha, a vast metropolis and home to species from a thousand planets. No, it’s way more simple, it was the lack of expression and flat acting by Dane DeHaan. He was the Ben Affleck version of Batman in Batman vs Superman Rise of the Justice League. Poor Cara Delevingne had nothing to work with. She tried to bring it, but was flat through the whole movie.

4. The Mummy:

having Tom Cruise in The Mummy was like oil and vinegar. NOT a good mix. Universals Dark Universe once again failed to deliver a movie worthy of it’s title. Universals classic horror films are classics and if the studio can’t find a director that knows how to make these films relevant today,maybe they should scrap the project. The Dark Universe movies seem to lack charisma, wittiness, true terror, and intrigue. We’ve seen them all one too many times. Instead of a remake be original.

3. The Emoji Movie:

One word – garbage. This movie was straight up rubbish and two hours of my life I can never get back. The animated film was a true insult to everyone’s intelligence, talk about trying to dummy down an audience. No thank you.

2. Father Figures:

Formerly titled BASTARDS, Father Figures is hands down worthy of grabbing an award. Common Sense Media says, “This almost totally fails as a comedy, with broad, unfunny, dumb jokes.” While Variety says, it’s “a limply spritzing fountain of unconvincing (and unfunny) comedy.”

1. Suburbicon:

Another waste of two hours with Matt Damon. This is actually our number 1 choice for worst movie of the year. This movie tried to be clever, and socially relevant by touching on social issues, racism, tolerance, greed, betrayal and more. Bottom line it was doing too much and was more of a cluster fcuk. The movie sucked terribly. The George Clooney directed film was trash. And the worst part of it was that it was written by Joel Coen, and Ethan Coen, who we expect so much more from. EPIC FAIL!