TRAILER BITES; Max Steel, Kidnap + Allied

TRAILER BITES; Max Steel, Kidnap + Allied

We have some great new trailers of some pretty cool looking movies on the horizon. Halle Berry’s new thriller Kidnap, another superhero movie, Max Steel and Allied!!!

Flip and watch this round of TRAILER BITES from Max Steel, Kidnap + …

TRAILER BITES; Max Steel, Kidnap + is excited to show you the new international trailer for Max Steel, another in a long line of questionably necessary films based on a toy.

Kicking off TRAILER BITES is the new Max Steel movie.

If you love Power Rangers then you might not like Max Steel since it tends to feel like a rip-off of sorts. The project has apparently been in development since 2009, and is – according to IndieWire [via BMD] – a movie about a boy who “joins forces with an alien named Steel to create the super-heroic entity of the title”. With a winning logline like that, it’s hard to imagine what could’ve kept this film in development hell for the better part of a decade.

As you can see, the film (directed by Sorority Row’s Stewart Hendler) will feature performances from Andy Garcia and Maria Bello, two actors who will get far more out of their newly installed marble counter-tops than Max Steel could have ever hoped to get out of them. It also features Ben Winchell as the film’s titular hero.


Max Steel arrives on October 21st.

Halle Berry is back with another high-octane thriller called “Kidnap”!

TRAILER BITES; Max Steel, Kidnap +

Halle Berry will be continuing her success of woman over coming all obstacles in another movie like The Call they kept movie goers on the edge of their seat.

The trailer begins pleasantly in an amusement park with Berry’s character playing Marco Polo with her son, portrayed by Sage Correa. That’s shattered as the son is snatched away with Berry unsuccessfully grabbing on to a turquoise-colored sedan as it pulls away from the parking lot. She alerts the police, but winds up taking matters into her own hands after realizing other parents waited for police to basically do nothing in a missing person case.

Isn’t it like police to be there to kill your loved ones but not there to help find your loved ones. Yeah, it sounds like cops of today.

Anyways, Halle does what any mother would do…go after the kidnappers with vengeance.

In the trailer, she declares, “Wherever you go, I will find you…You took the wrong kid.”

Luis Prieto (“Condon Express”) is directing from a script by Knate Gwaltney. Relativity bought distribution rights for “Kidnap” at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival, then delayed its release several times as it went through a bankruptcy reorganization last year.

Watch this TRAILER BITES from Kidnap:

“Kidnap” hits theaters on Dec. 2.

TRAILER BITES continues with Brad Pitt stars in the upcoming movie Allied!

TRAILER BITES; Max Steel, Kidnap + Allied

Paramount Pictures has given an awards season release date of Nov. 23 for “Allied,” Brad Pitt’s World War II romantic thriller.  Hopefully the studio will STOP making remakes of films like Ben-Hur that cost $100 million to make. The movie FLOPPED big time on its opening weekend and that is after the push back.

Now Paramount Pictures will have to hope that “Allied,” pulls them out of the red. The film stars Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. The film is directed by Robert Zemeckis. The film is shooting in London, with production also taking place in the Canary Islands.

Allied is produced by GK Films and the script is penned by Steven Knight (“The Hundred-Foot Journey”).  Graham King, who won an Oscar for “The Departed,” is producing with Zemeckis, and Steve Starkey.

Denis O’Sullivan, Jack Rapke (“Flight”),” Jackie Levine, Patrick McCormick and Knight are serving as executive producers.

Hopefully that is a recepie for a successful film, but we will have to wait until November. For now take a look at Allied.

A story about an intelligence officer (Pitt) in 1942 North Africa who encounters a French Resistance fighter, played by Cotillard, on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Reunited in London, their relationship is threatened by the extreme pressures of the war.



Joining Pitt and Cotillard are Jared Harris, Lizzy Caplan (“Masters of Sex”) and Matthew Goode of “Downton Abbey.”

Allied hits theaters on November 23, 2016.