TRAILERS: Tell Me How I Die, The Neighbor + Demon

TRAILERS: Tell Me How I Die, The Neighbor + Demon


We have another round of horror movies that will surely scare you to lock the doors and bolt your windows with  Tell Me How I Die, The Neighbor + Demon movie Trailers!!!

Flip and watch Tell Me How I Die, Tell Me How I Die + Demon movie trailers…

TRAILERS: Tell Me How I Die, Tell Me How I Die + Demon

Since Summer is coming to an end, school is back in session, has just what teens need, scary movies on Friday night. Checkout three new movie trailers from,  Tell Me How I Die, The Neighbor + Demon!

What do you get when you mix experimental drugs and bloodthirsty murders?

Tell Me How I Die presented by Big Block Media and Base Station in association with SUPERGRAVITY pictures. This is a horror movie that takes out its victims with drugs. Cool? NOT!

TRAILERS: Tell Me How I Die, The Neighbor + Demon

The film is a sci-fi flavored fear-fest from director D.J. Viola and tells the tale of a group of college kids scarfing down an experimental drug for a study. All goes well at first, until the side effects take hold, the likes of which include the ability to see the graphic ways in which they’re designed to die.

In a Final Destination-esque narrative arc, the kids try to outsmart their demises until they learn that the killer who is meant to murder them is among them. And he too can see the future…


When a group of college students take part in a clinical drug trial, an unexpected side effect of the experimental medicine gives them terrifying visions of their own deaths…which begin to come true. As they scramble to escape their fate, they discover that the killer is among them and shares their ability to see the future – only he seems to be one step ahead of their efforts to survive.

Will the victims outsmart the killer?

Probably not, but checkout the trailer:

Tell Me How I Die stars Ryan Higa (YouTube’s “NigaHiga”), Nathan Kress (“iCarly”), Virginia Gardner (Project Almanac), Ethan Peck (10 Things I Hate About You), and Kirby Bliss Blanton (Project X).

Look for it in select theaters & On Demand on September 16.

Next up is a movie we are totally looking forward to The Neighbor.

TRAILERS: Tell Me How I Die, The Neighbor + Demon

If you are fans of “The Collector” and “The Collection” then this is your horror flick. This one is NOT heading to Theaters, but you can find it This September on VOD.

Josh Stewart (The Collector, The Collection) may have survived those films but his is back to fight The Neighbor.


Set in Cutter Mississippi, the film follows a man who discovers the dark truth about his neighbor and the secrets he may be keeping in the cellar. John (Josh Stewart) is left searching for his missing girlfriend,Rosie (Alex Essoe). A man sneaks into his secretive neighbor Troy’s (Bill Engvall) house only to find several kidnapped people in the cellar. He must lead them out of the house of horrors before his neighbor returns.

This new face of horror is written and directed by Marcus Dunstan. The same man who brought you The Collector + The Collection. With that said, you already know the movie is going to be extra scary, horrific and terrifying to watch.

Watch the trailer for The Neighbor:

The Neighbor stars; Josh Stewart, Melissa Bolona, Alex Essoe, Bill Engvall, Ronnie Blevins, Jaqueline Fleming, and Luke Edwards this film looks like it’s going to be well worth a watch.

You can see Josh Stewart in Insidious: Chapter 4 set to hit theaters October 20, 2017. The fourth intallment of Insidious will be directed by Adam Robitel and penned by Leigh Whannell.

Last is Demon, directed by Marcin Wrona and penned by Pawel Maslona and Marcin Wrona.

TRAILERS: Tell Me How I Die, The Neighbor + Demon

The film tackles an old Jewish folklore. The legend of the dybbuk, is a malicious possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person. It supposedly leaves the host body once it has accomplished its goal, sometimes after being helped.

Demon follows


A bridegroom named Piotr ‘Pyton’ (Itay Tiran), who is possessed by an unquiet spirit in the midst of his own wedding celebration to his wife Zaneta (Agnieszka Zulewska), after they find a new home. They tear down a mysterious barn which awakens an evil presences. Demon is clever take on the Jewish legend of the dybbuk.


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